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McCain is a leader who will defend our country

Republican National Convention

McCain is a leader who will defend our country Sen. John McCain and the Republicans demonstrated Thursday night that they are the party for the people.

He did not need a Greek backdrop for his acceptance speech. He was running for the presidency of the United States. He also did not spend thousand of dollars on that ridiculous scenery. He stood in the midst of the electorate and spoke to the American people.

I was never a supporter of McCain, though I am a dedicated Republican. But on Thursday night I found him to be a man who will defend our country without reserve. He is a man who has served this country. What has Barack Obama done?

McCain reminds me of another president we had (although he was a Democrat), Harry Truman, who said, "The buck stops here."

Maybe some Democrats should look at what McCain says and instead of voting their party, as they usually do, vote for a man who will be a commander in chief when we need him to defend our country.

Elaine Wagner, Seminole

Substance is lacking

In listening to McCain's speech, I found he failed to convey anything of importance to the American people. He offered nothing as to how he was going to make a difference if he were elected. He basically echoed many of the points that were made by the "warm-up" speakers. He didn't show much talent for someone who wants to be president of the United States and who should know that simple language won't cut it with world leaders.

As for his credits, yes, he served in Vietnam and was a POW. Yes, he has been around Washington and admits it needs a change even though he was an integral part of what needs to be changed. Yes, he's picked an inexperienced running mate who will need to preside over the Senate. Yes, he has a beautiful wife and family. Yes, he's for continuing the war against terrorist countries. Yes, he knows that wars will cost the lives of many military personnel. Yes, he also understands it will cost billions of American dollars to fight those wars and yes, he, as always, knows it will accomplish absolutely nothing for Americans. He simply just doesn't get it.

Peter B. Ferrara Sr., Belleair Bluffs

McCain speech fails to deliver on change Sept. 5, editorial

Republican views are not so extreme

Why is the Republican Party's stands on abortion rights or drilling for oil "radical" views? I would suggest that there are tens of millions of Americans who feel the same way.

Why not use our resources that are available rather than continue to spend billions of dollars for oil from people who "hate our guts"? I find that to be an extremely radical view. However, you are committed to the "empty suit" full of pie-in-the-sky promises, and I would expect no less.

Don Niemann, Seminole

Making choices

In his acceptance speech, Sen. John McCain said that Republicans want "government that doesn't make your choices for you, but works to make sure you have more choices to make for yourself." Maybe he should check with his running mate about that.

Gov. Sarah Palin would be happy to have government tell you which choices you cannot make if you are a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Palin would also like government to tell your school what can and cannot be taught in the classroom.

It seems some Republicans are all too happy to have government make your choices in the bedroom, the medical clinic, and the schools.

But that's not all. Do you want to protect environmental resources? Do you not want oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or off the coast of Florida? McCain and Palin would like government to make that choice for you as well.

To me this sounds like the last eight years under the Bush presidency — only worse.

Jody Larson, Safety Harbor

Quote of the day | Sept. 5

Who is elite?

I couldn't help but notice the quote from Rep. Lynn Westmoreland in your Republican convention coverage Friday.

He said, "I've never paid that much attention to Michelle Obama. Just what little I've seen of her and Sen. Obama, is that they're a member of an elitist class … that thinks that they're uppity."

On the opposite page you show the cost of the outfit that Cindy McCain wore Monday — somewhere north of $300,000.

Oh, exactly. The McCains have their fingers right on the pulse of the average Joe and identify with us so closely!

John Schreadley, Dunedin

Right by Miles | Aug. 31, story

Investigating themselves

I want to thank the St. Petersburg Times for publishing this story. The fact that a sheriff's office can and does investigate crashes that involve their own deputies is a bitter pill I swallow every day.

My husband, Charles Guarino, was accidentally killed by a Pinellas County sheriff's deputy in a crash that occurred on Jan. 12, 2006. Their investigation concluded that my husband was at fault for the accident, and this was solely because he didn't survive the crash and therefore was not able to give his side of the story.

I was shocked when I was told that the Sheriff's Office would be the only body investigating the case. It makes you wonder how many times a deputy is exonerated from responsibility when involved in a deadly crash or other incident. It is a huge conflict of interest for any law enforcement body to investigate their own. Thanks for getting the word out.

Nancy Guarino, Seminole

Laboring under sinking feeling | Aug. 31, Robyn Blumner column

Incentives to achieve

Robyn Blumner's French labor politics are old and boring. Yes, guaranteed health care, retirement security and a boost in the minimum wage are laudable goals for some. But the problem with American workers is that somewhere along the way they got comfortable and lazy. They want to work 9-5, have great benefits, and an ever increasing salary. At the same time, they want a nice house, a gas-guzzling SUV (or two), Bucs tickets, and multiple televisions, cell phones and iPods.

Fortunately, in this country you have a choice. You don't have to be a "worker" your whole life. Instead of "working" for a newspaper, aspire to own one. Yes, it's easier said than done, but many in this country (and others) have done it. And that's what drives this country.

If you "guarantee" health care and retirement security to young people, then they will only aspire to be "workers." If you take more money from that "sliver of people who have trouble remembering how many houses they own," you will certainly quell the spirit of some who create jobs for the "workers."

Let's get back to hard work and creativity and stop blaming those who have worked hard and been creative.

Mike Markham, Clearwater

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