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Mitchell family is a boon to county

Mitchells meet their challenges with grace | Bill Stevens column, Jan. 25

Mitchell family is a boon to county

Thank you very much for a wonderfully written account of the challenges the Mitchell family has faced and is working to overcome. This pioneer family defined much of West Pasco's history during the 1900s and into this decade. They are all respected members of this community whose contributions have made our county a better place to live.

Mr. Stevens' article on their current struggles only brings to light the grit and determination they have shown in facing their current difficulties head on.

During my tenure as a legislator I have worked with members of the Mitchell family in various capacities. They are all honorable individuals whose word is their bond. I wish them well as they continue to strive to overcome the challenges that may have slowed them down for a time, but will surely not keep them down for long.

Mike Fasano, state senator, District 11, New Port Richey

News not all bad in Beacon Woods

It is a little-known fact that the planned unit development, or PUD, known as Beacon Woods in the northwest corner of Pasco County would be the fourth-largest city in Pasco County if it were an incorporated entity. It includes 2,200 private homes and 550 condominiums in a deed-restricted community that probably has 7,000 residents. The governance of it is a major responsibility.

In the past few years it has often been in the news due to fractious aspects of the community's governing board and contentious attitudes of the members of that board. For the past 12 months, I have had the auspicious responsibility of presiding there as president.

I am pleased to report to the members of Beacon Woods Civic Association Inc. and the greater community of west Pasco that the vast majority of this board of directors has worked together in a progressive, positive and popular effort to resolve our issues, foster innovations and create goodwill. This community is now governed by a board that cares for the homeowners and not personal power. We have computerized our records for safety and modernization, gotten invaluable new legal counsel, enhanced our social life, and created positive new ideas for safety and long-range planning while cutting costs and holding our dues steady in a tough economy.

It is easy for me to report these beneficial results with a clear conscience because I am not a candidate for re-election but I write to salute the outstanding people who have joined me in a coalition for the best year in many years for our beloved home. It is an inspirational experience to be part of progress and common sense.

Robert B. Ryan, president, Beacon Woods Civic Association Inc., Bayonet Point

Speak your mind, even after the fact

While mailing a letter at the Hudson Post Office, I parked next to a very sad red van. It had several Nobama signs pasted all over it. There also was a sign that said "read my lips.'' Several McCain and Palin stickers were pasted all over the car.

I was extremely curious to see who this vehicle belonged to, and as I went into the building there were two people inside. I placed my golf hat over my heart and announced that I was in mourning for that car outside. A lady near the front door asked, "Why are you in mourning for that car?" I replied, "When you leave, take a look at that red van and you'll see." I deposited my letter and left.

Later, I wondered why someone would leave all those stickers on the car after the election. Maybe this person thinks McCain and Palin won the election or the car owner is so proud of his choice that he wants everybody to know how he voted.

Just another page in the great game of living. But the right to display your views is everyone's right no matter what. And, that's why this is the best country on the planet.

Paul Spidell, Hudson

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