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Mixed messages on the environment

Mixed messages on environment

On Jan. 12, the front page of the Pasco Times featured a story about the Green Expo in Dade City. The story told us about several different innovations that we might be able to use to help the environment. The paper also included a sidebar telling us where we could find some Earth-friendly items.

On page two there was a guest column in which a former Pasco resident wrote about his new 32-foot motor home and talked about towing his car down to Pasco for a family visit.

I think there is a bit of confusion at you editor's desk. How can you spotlight the work that the green community is doing and then run a column and picture about a gas guzzling RV?

I, as a former RV owner, know the joys that form of transportation can bring. But, I also realize that today with energy at a premium and everyone or almost everyone trying to be Earth-friendly that RV driving is not the greenest way to travel

I hope the Times will be more selective about its guest columns in the future

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Laws needed to control stray cats | Jan. 14 letter

Cat food attracts more than cats

I live around the corner from the letter writer in Millwood Estates, off Old County Road in Pasco County. We also have a feral cat problem. We have no bunnies, squirrels, doves or cardinals.

My kind-hearted neighbor promised to take care of a cat for the lady next door after she passed away. She leaves food and water outside for the cat, which lives outside. The problem is the other critters like cat food. After the armadillo, opossum and raccoon finish over there, they come over on my lawn digging for a nice fat grub worm or mole cricket for desert.

If you want to slow down the cat population, call P.A.W.S. in Port Richey at (727) 863-1309 for information. They can rent you an animal-friendly trap and educate you on its operation.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Tipping servers

Servers shouldn't rely on tip money

Saying waiters rely on tip income is a bold statement. Servers who depend on tip income should take on an extra job. Or get re-educated to have a different line of work.

I eat at a restaurant on occasion and I have no thoughts of supporting the server. A tip, yes (or maybe). But support? No. Also, the cost of my entire order should have no bearing on the amount of tip. Just because it was a $35 entree doesn't mean that you worked any harder.

Many patrons drink water for their health and not to be cheap as a letter writer said insultingly. And speaking of insulting, patronizing and condescending, don't ever call me "hun," "honey," "sweetie" or "dearie."

Please understand that numerous folks earn little more than the salary the writer stated. They go out to eat occasionally for diversion. Don't tell them to stay home if they can't afford to tip you. Have some compassion, please.

Martha Wakaruk, Brooksville

Optional tipping? Optional service

After reading the opinion section, it seems to be a general consensus that tipping is an option. Well, if that's the case then serving the food properly and getting your order correct should be an option for the server.

Incidentally, for all the folks who like to not tip your servers, check out the movie Waiting. Some servers really do that to your food.

Never bite the hand that feeds you, or in this case, serves you.

Melissa Jones, Spring Hill

Tell Brown-Waite to look out for us

On Jan. 6, a bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives titled the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009." It was introduced as HR 11.

"The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009'' amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to declare that an unlawful employment practice occurs when: (1) a discriminatory compensation decision or other practice is adopted; (2) an individual becomes subject to the decision or practice; or (3) an individual is affected by application of the decision or practice, including each time compensation is paid.

An aggrieved person may obtain relief including recovery of back pay for up to two years preceding the filing of the charge, where the unlawful employment practices that have occurred during the charge-filing period are similar or related to practices that occurred outside the time for filing a charge.

The legislation also amends the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

On Jan. 9, HR 11 was voted on in the House of Representatives and passed 247 to 171. Our representative, U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who is supposed to represent each and every one of us in this congressional district, voted against this legislation.

Women across this country have been fighting for equal pay for many years. The United States is one of the only industrialized countries in the world that permits this discrimination to exist. Every woman in this county should be up in arms and demanding that our representative vote for legislation that supports the working men and women of this district. That can be done by calling her Brooksville office and demanding that she represent your interests instead of big business.

Harvey Martin, Spring Hill

New Year's baby

Teen parents are all too common

Not only was the first baby of the new year in Pasco County born to an unwed mother, so were the first babies in Hillsborough and Hernando counties. Do you see a pattern here?

Florida is second in the nation in teen births. Statistics show children born to single mothers have a host of hurdles to clear and more often than not end up in some sort of financial assistance. If a baby is born, everyone is certainly happy when it is at least healthy. But some letter writers are missing the point.

Maybe if more teens and unwed parents would think about how much time, effort and financial responsibility it takes to raise a family, these scenarios would be delayed. It is those people who should be ashamed of themselves.

Cal Johnson, Port Richey

Thanks to all who helped on U.S. 19

My husband and I wish to thank so many kind people for their help or offers of help when our car was disabled on Sunday Jan. 11 on U.S. 19 and Regency Park Boulevard.

We were in the center lane, a very dangerous location, and could not move. We had no power and no flashers. Even our doors would not open for awhile. I called 911 and was told that two officers were on the way; a kind woman offered her cell phone and then left to go back to the next turn and come up behind us to use her flasher. Two responders in a Fire Rescue vehicle were in the turn lane and were going to turn around and also move in behind us with emergency lights, but had a call for an accident only a block away and they hurried to that call. Three men from the Ed Morse auto dealership came to see what they could do for us. Two deputies tried, in vain to start the car, and pushed it off onto the grass. AAA sent a truck quickly to help us.

To all of these wonderful people, we offer our heartfelt thanks. We feel so blessed to have so many offering to watch over us. They far outnumbered those drivers who leaned on horns and couldn't or wouldn't try to listen to the fact that we could not move our vehicle.

Lillian Mort, Bayonet Point

Intersection needs traffic light | July 1 3 letter

Need for traffic light has grown

Early in 2004, the Key Vista Homeowners Association invited District 3 County Commissioner Ann Hildebrand to speak at a community meeting.

An area of concern discussed was the intersection of Gulf Trace Boulevard and U.S. 19. Commissioner Hildebrand informed residents that she would contact the Florida Department of Transportation to address the problem. She acknowledged that this was a problem intersection and that something needs to be done.

As noted by the previous letter writer, no action has been taken and it appears that Pasco government currently has no plans to do so. An elementary school is now open, placing additional traffic on Gulf Trace Boulevard for those trying to exit onto U.S. 19.

You can observe this dangerous intersection, which sometimes has vehicles trying to turn north, south and into Gulf Trace from both directions on U.S. 19.

Jake Clarke, Holiday

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