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Monday letters: Personal matters didn't influence SPC's process in presidential search

SPC's search failure | Feb. 11, editorial

Personal matters didn't influence process

The search committee for St. Petersburg College used a process to narrow the field of strong and qualified candidates to four for consideration. Former St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker received six votes to the seven votes candidates Paula Gastenveld and B. Kaye Walter received. The presence or absence of our friendship doesn't change that fact. To provide Baker the opportunity to move forward in the selection process after the committee has voted and allies have lobbied for his continued participation would have discredited the process.

The editorial board's suggestion that I put a personal motivation above my role as a steward of the college's future as a St. Petersburg College trustee is a marginalization of my professionalism, integrity and intent. It is disappointing that sincere and appropriate efforts to offer guidance and governance in my role as a trustee have been publicly minimized to an imaginary agenda by your paper. This is a surprising turn, as such assertions are rarely made without substance and attribution by the Times. I encourage your consideration of equity in your analysis and coverage of this issue and look forward to accuracy in any future attribution to my words and/or intent.

My personal relationship with Rick Baker is defined by the modifier in that phrase: personal. It has not, nor will it, impact any of my professional or public commitments or interactions. The terms of a personal relationship need not play out in the pages of the St. Petersburg Times.

Rick Baker has served our community well. I wish the very best for him and his family as he designs his future, and I would strongly encourage all involved to help move our city and St. Petersburg College forward instead of helping to further divide it.

Deveron M. Gibbons, St. Petersburg

Sarah Palin impresses Feb. 11, David Broder column

Palin is a purveyor of destructive ideas

It is distressing reading David Broder's piece on Sarah Palin. How can a serious journalist find her impressive?

I guess people who find the Fox News Channel fair and unbiased can be impressed by anybody. I find it hard to believe that this long after the 2008 election she is still relevant. Her rants about how bad President Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing, while offering no useful solutions, do not impress me.

She had an opportunity to remain as governor of Alaska and learn about government, but instead chose to quit and promote herself and her destructive philosophies.

I still feel she represents the far right wing of the Republican Party and the mainstream will eventually reject her. We cannot let the extreme right take over our country.

Mr. Broder, shame on you. We deserve better than Sarah Palin.

Kenneth Bonfield, Brooksville

Sarah Palin impresses Feb. 11, David Broder column

Still wrong

If we were silly enough to elect George W. Bush not once but twice, why not Sarah Palin, too?

It's appropriate that the same Times edition had a picture of a billboard in Minnesota with "W" and the caption: "Miss Me Yet?"

Oh, no. We'll be cleaning up that mess for many years to come. Yet a vocal minority continues to ring the same bell, but now it has Sarah's name on it. Wrong before, wrong again.

Andrew Schramek, Palm Harbor

Sarah Palin impresses Feb. 11, David Broder column

There's no depth

Really? I mean really? I've watched this lady since she came back into the public spotlight on Fox News, and she has done nothing but prove just how simple she really is. She is nothing more than a list of talking points and emotional bumper stickers. There is no depth. There is no original thought. Sarah Palin is Dan Quayle in drag.

If David Broder really is impressed with this woman, then I'd say he, too, is nothing more than a shell of a man, lacking depth, insight, and the intelligence one would expect of a serious journalist.

Ron Forster, Odessa

Secrets rock state GOP | Feb. 9, story

Telling priorities

In this article on state Republican Party spending, Sen. John Thrasher of St. Augustine concisely demonstrated one of the most fundamental problems of our current political system. Amid what appears to be a wanton mismanagement of party funds, Thrasher justifies his opposition to a full public disclosure of the Florida GOP's internal finances because he "will not participate in harming the party he loves so much."

He could not have sent a clearer message that the interests of his political party are more important than the interests of the public he is paid to serve.

Logic dictates that in this position, a political party concerned with governing in an ethical manner would want to assure its constituents that its priorities are to effectively identify and remove the members that have acted irresponsibly. Given the aversion to this action by the senator, would it not be reasonable to assume that this party will not hesitate to sell the public a political product infested with rats, so long as it does not impede the progress of the party itself?

Brian Howsare, Brandon

Fair districting deserves support Feb. 8, letter

Reform is urgently needed

Yes, yes, to the League of Women Voters' letter on gerrymandering. They explained well why we have not had and will not have representative (and therefore democratic) government in Florida so long as those political, self-serving animals in the Legislature are allowed to draw electoral districts to help ensure their own re-election. It has worked very well for them and is the reason why Florida, with a solid Democratic majority, has a majority of Republican elected officials on all levels.

Please vote "yes" on the "Fair Districts" constitutional amendments (Nos. 5 and 6) on Nov. 2. The League of Women Voters has long been an admirable, nonpartisan voice in the wilderness for good government. Let that voice be heard loud and clear!

Joseph F. Bohren, Ph.D., Odessa

NFL's cash clash | Feb. 7, story

Forgotten fans

Am I the only one who noticed that, in comments about the labor negotiations, both the owners and the players talk only about who will get more money, and neither side mentioned anything about making the game more affordable for the fan?

William Carroll, Gulfport

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