Monday, December 18, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Bay area needs high-occupancy lanes

TBX rebrands as Tampa Bay Next | May 23

High-occupancy lanes do the job

High-occupancy vehicle lanes should replace toll lanes in the next transportation plan. Unlike Lexis lanes that serve those who can afford them, HOV lanes encourage carpooling, thereby reducing congestion.

For many years we have enjoyed family visits to Phoenix, where HOV lanes have been in use for decades. With two or more people in a car we hop on the HOV lane and avoid congestion, even at rush hour. HOV infrastructure spending would create good-paying construction jobs as well.

Robert White, Valrico

Sessions' crime policy

Turning back the clock

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reinstated "tough on crime" policies that have already been proven ineffective in decreasing crime rates or making communities safer. What these policies are very effective at is promoting long sentences for low-level drug offenses and other victimless crimes, perpetuating the plethora of social issues that accompany a criminal record — kids in foster care, inability to find work and housing, poor credit, etc.

Thanks to Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, along with other state attorneys, for voicing opposition. Putting more people in jail for longer periods without adequate preparation for re-entering society certainly benefits for-profit prison corporations and their shareholders — when prisons are full they make out like bandits. Unfortunately they are the only beneficiaries.

Anita Jimenez, Tampa

Liquor wall staying up after veto by Scott May 25

Talk of reform, little action

It seems strange that Gov. Rick Scott, who talks all the time about how government regulations hurt businesses, would veto this bill.

The main issue here is burdening retailers with a costly, outdated law. This is symbolic of how all the talk by some lawmakers about the need for regulatory reform often falls short when confronted by entrenched interests.

Joseph H. Brown, Tampa

What the walkouts could have learned May 25, commentary

Peaceful, respectful protest

It's fair to argue that the 100 or so students who walked out of Vice President Mike Pence's speech at Notre Dame might have gleaned something by staying to listen. If the editorial writer at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel had stuck to that point perhaps we could take the piece seriously. Instead, it was just more posturing against "liberals" and "political correctness."

The students walked out peacefully as a protest against Pence's record, which clearly discriminates against LGBT, women and refugees. There was no quashing of free speech; Pence had the right to speak and the students had the right to listen to him, or not. They did not prevent anyone who wanted to hear Pence from hearing him.

But what finally qualifies this editorial for the trash bin is the writer's descent to the astoundingly moronic tactic of calling the students "delicate snowflakes," in the tradition of intolerant conservatives who use such epithets to make themselves feel superior.

Teresa Brandt, Temple Terrace


Monday’s letters: Tax plan bad for the country

Trump, GOP make good on tax cuts Dec. 14Tax plan is bad for the countryUnless senators such as Susan Collins, R-Maine, and our own Marco Rubio develop some backbone, the Republican tax bill could well pass.The bill would inflict harm on the people wh...
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Sunday’s letters: Rule of law at stake in Mueller inquiry

Sunday’s letters: Rule of law at stake in Mueller inquiry

Justice official parries attacks | Dec. 14Rule of law at stake in inquiryConservative media outlets and a number of Republicans in both chambers of Congress have launched an all-out assault on special counsel Robert Mueller and his team in an eff...
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Saturday’s letters: Project silent on rising sea levels

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Friday’s letters: Put yourself in a business owner’s shoes

GOP plan favors owners | Dec. 11Perils of small business ownersI wonder if the author of this article has even a clue about owning a business. Businessmen — especially small business owners — risk it all. They risk their savings, their car, their...
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Thursday’s letters: Trump’s values hardly admirable

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Wednesday’s letters: Proposal would restore Florida Forever funding

Florida ForeverPlan boosts land protectionMost of us thought funding for land conservation in Florida would be restored when we voted the Water and Land Conservation Amendment (Amendment 1) into law in 2014. It passed easily, with 75 percent of voter...
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Tuesday’s letters: Writer should look to his own mistakes

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Monday’s letters: Don’t drill in Arctic refuge

Arctic National Wildlife RefugeStop plan to drill for oil in refugeOur nation faces yet another effort to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge reserve to oil and gas drilling. Drilling in the Arctic simply doesn’t make sound financial sense. W...
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Sunday’s letters: Tax bill puts U.S. on right course

The GOP’s regressive tax plans | Dec. 5, editorialTax bill puts U.S. on right courseThe Times is already crying wolf over the new tax cuts, claiming that the new laws "could" result an increase in the national debt of $1.5 trillion over the next ...
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Pasco letters to the editor for Dec. 15

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