Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Candidates' religion has no place in campaign

Rubio's Mormon roots revealed | Feb. 24

Leave candidates' faith out of it

How sad that it is not only "news," it is front-page, above-the-fold news that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., may actually have (gasp!) Mormon roots.

Contrary to the clear intent of our Founding Fathers, it has become a foregone conclusion that one must be a Christian to even be considered as a candidate for president. Not only that, but apparently there are now only certain versions of Christianity that are approved.

Question: When did the Constitution become a cafeteria line through which our sanctimonious politicians could walk through and pick from so as to avoid those pesky parts like Article VI?

Religious qualifications may be the norm in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia, but they have no place in the United States of America. As for Rubio, I can think of a number of good reasons not to support him. The fact that he might be a Mormon is not one of them.

Arthur R. Polin, Oldsmar

Youthful plotting?

Wow, this article was a real eye-opener. It really dug up some dirt on Marco Rubio. The senator was baptized a Mormon at age 8 and a "few" years later converted to Catholicism. What was he, 10 or 11? I wonder what this sly kid was up to.

My goodness, he also enjoys sermons at a Baptist church? The article states "some wonder if he's trying to be all things to all people." It further states that "pundits wonder whether two Mormons can share a ticket." Do they mean Mitt Romney and the 8-year-old boy?

It's obvious the left is so afraid of Rubio they come out with almost a cartoon caricature of him. My advice to Rubio: Give up your Catholic faith, denounce Mormonism, stop attending Baptist churches and join the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Gene Huber, Spring Hill

Campaign 2012

Keep the jobs at home

The Times quotes all the Republican presidential candidates, and Gov. Rick Scott, as saying that job creation is a high priority.

If so, why do the Republicans in Congress consistently vote to send jobs overseas? They defeated bill S. 3816, and now President Barack Obama is submitting another bill. It will reward companies that bring jobs back to the United States and penalize companies sending jobs offshore.

Bringing manufacturing back to the United States will not only create jobs; the money paid for items made here stays in this country.

Politicians created the economic mess, and it is up to them to end it by action to create jobs here, not in Asia.

Bob Anderson, Largo

Birth control fight grows | Feb. 24

Time for an aspirin

If anyone had told me a pro-life presidential candidate would advocate to restrict birth control, I'd have laughed at the irony. Can Rick Santorum not see that making birth control available to all women at no cost would significantly decrease the need for pregnancy terminations?

My suggestion to all women in America is to follow the advice of Santorum's chief financial backer and hold an aspirin between your legs until your husband/boyfriend vows to vote against anyone supporting this asinine idea.

Jackie Gavrian, Brandon

We don't need a Taliban

What is wrong with this picture: Men testifying about reproductive rights and contraceptives. Put some beards and turbans on these men and what you have is a Republican Taliban.

Do women really want to go back to being barefoot, pregnant and walking five steps behind a male? Women, wake up and take note of the continuing erosion of our rights and self-determination.

Baerbel R. Dagon, Tampa

The elderly should share the burden Feb. 24, commentary

It's retirement insurance

This Robert Samuelson column could be retitled, "Let's throw the old folks under the bus." The crux is that seniors really don't need the money, so let's get them to pay "their fair share" by cutting entitlements.

First of all, when you refer to my monthly Social Security check, Mr. Samuelson, I am requesting that you stop calling it an "entitlement." I and my employers paid into Social Security for well over 50 years. Half a century. That's not an entitlement; that's retirement insurance. I paid the premiums for five decades, now I want my money.

The reason the government is having to renege is that they have used my (and everyone else's) 50 years of contributions for vote-buying social programs for individuals who have made no contributions. Plus they failed get a return on any of the money because instead of keeping it in a "lock box" they spent it.

Now they are referring to seniors as "selfish," "greedy," and "uncaring." You know something? I don't care what you call me, just give me my money. I earned it.

Dave Groff, Homosassa

Colon checks saving lives | Feb. 23

Benefits of screenings

Thank you for putting the spotlight on the benefits of colonoscopy screenings. I work in an environment that enables me to see first-hand the life-saving benefits of this simple procedure. The most common complaint I hear concerns the foul-tasting liquid taken during preparation. The overwhelming response after the procedure is, "Is that it?" or "It's over already?"

Some 80 percent of colon cancer cases are without symptoms or family history. This fact alone should persuade more Americans to take advantage of this simple, life-saving procedure.

Wendy L. Moritz, Belleair Bluffs

St. Petersburg postmark canceled | Feb. 24

Vanishing act

St. Petersburg: no nationally acclaimed newspaper, no major-league baseball team, no postmark. Just call us "St. Elsewhere."

Susan Yormark, St. Petersburg

Identity crisis

Your story stated that the plans to change the postmark from St. Petersburg to Tampa or another more regional name was a "quiet blow to the city's identity." Isn't that exactly what you did when you changed the name of the Times?

Michael Feagans, St. Petersburg


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