Thursday, February 22, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Income gap could trigger unrest

Income gap widens for U.S. households | Sept. 13

Income gap could trigger unrest

The facts of this article are nothing new — it has been an ongoing problem for decades. In fact, Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics, has been talking and writing about it for a long time. His latest book, The Price of Inequality, is dedicated to the subject of the growing income gap in this country. It shows how large disparities in wealth contribute to social erosion and a destruction of the social fabric.

I would strongly advise our "wise" politicians to read the book so they can understand causes, consequences and solutions of this problem. It can no longer be ignored; doing so could at some point trigger social unrest. Look no further than the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street, all large movements of discontent mostly from disenchanted youth with no future and nothing to lose.

Patrick Bauer, Wesley Chapel

Who will stop nuclear plant? | Sept. 12, editorial

Voters must stop plant

The Florida Public Service Commission will not stop construction of the proposed Levy County nuclear power plant because they know the Legislature will replace them if they try. The Legislature will not stop it because they are getting huge campaign donations from the utilities. The governor will not stop it because the state Constitution does not grant him that authority.

The voters can stop it by electing a Legislature that will repeal the 2006 law that lets utilities bill customers in advance for new nuclear plants. So find out where your candidates stand on this issue, and vote on Election Day.

Thomas Eppes, Thonotosassa

Attack stuns U.S. | Sept. 13

No more apologies, aid

Why are we giving millions of dollars to Libya and over a billion to Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood has taken control and they obviously hate America? Our government is heavily in debt and our countrymen are being told there have to be cuts in social programs for the elderly and children, yet we fund Middle East countries who attack our values and beliefs.

Now is the time for Americans to stand together and shout, "No more apologies, no more money."

Patricia Jenkins, St. Petersburg

Romney's quick attack ill-advised | Sept. 13, editorial

History of violence

Like many Americans I have watched the so-called Arab Spring turn into the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in several Middle Eastern countries. The president did nothing except to ensure the rapid deterioration of our relations with Israel.

This editorial criticizes Mitt Romney's comments on the current crisis, which resulted in attacks on our embassy in Egypt and the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. The Times has made much of the anti-Islam video cited as the cause of the violence. This was just an excuse.

This is not the first time we have been treated to the spectacle of radical Islam using the tools of violence and murder to express their outrage at some alleged provocation.

Do you see Americans attacking the Egyptian Embassy in Washington? Do you see us taking to the streets in violence to protest these attacks on our diplomatic soil?

Helen Richard, Clearwater

He spoke too soon

Couldn't Mitt Romney at least have had the decency to wait until the bodies of our four slain diplomats were cold before he began exploiting the news of their death for political purposes?

James Nelson, Largo

U.S. middle class still going nowhere Sept. 14, editorial

Look to the White House

The Times bias against Mitt Romney apparently knows no bounds. A report from the Census Bureau revealing that household income for most American families has plummeted for another year should have brought outrage against the dismal economy that led to this fall.

Somehow the Times has failed to notice that Barack Obama is the sitting president who is presiding over the slowest economic recovery since World War II. He squandered his first two years when he had a bulletproof Congress not by fixing the economy, but instead passing thousands of pages of new regulations and Obamacare.

Somehow the Times also seems oblivious to the fact that Obama is the sitting president who has granted tax breaks to the very wealthy twice in his first term. He justified these breaks by stating that you cannot raise taxes during a terrible economy. However, now that he is running for re-election, it is somehow proper to fuel class warfare by asking for a tax hike, even though the economy is still terrible.

John Haugen, Gulfport

Council opts to raise taxes | Sept. 14

A waste of money

As I'm a product of the state of Florida education system, it's possible I misread this article. The mayor of St. Petersburg didn't really use taxpayer money to pay a private law firm $75,000 to "create" something as patently stupid as a fire fee, did he? Mayor Bill Foster didn't actually tell City Council members that since the city spent the money they should adopt the fee because "if you don't use it, you'll lose it"?

If the city is $10 million in the hole, then someone in this administration please justify this abject waste of taxpayer money.

Gary West, St. Petersburg

Theocratic thuggery knows no borders Sept. 14, Daniel Ruth column

Don't hide the truth

Yes, all religions have on occasion not lived up to their stated goals. But religions are only the people within their group. As to Hassan Shibly speaking in classroom presentations on the history and culture of his faith, I see no problem as long as we let Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Catholics and the various Protestant groups do the same.

I also wonder if Shibly discusses the truth about Islamic sharia law and its customs. In Mali, an adulterous couple was stoned to death, their hands and feet amputated. Public whippings occur, even to women.

Bob Allen, Apollo Beach


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