Saturday, December 16, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Let Mideast citizens decide fate

Egypt's army ousts Morsi | July 4

Let Mideast citizens decide fate

Now that Egypt's democratically elected president has been deposed by coup, I'm curious as to whether the interventionists will lobby for American involvement in that country's politics.

And why not? The situation is almost exactly parallel to the situation in Syria, except the shoe is on the other foot. The interventionists argue for democracy in Syria, demanding that Bashar Assad the dictator be replaced and that the United States provide weapons and support for that purpose. Anything less is an abrogation of our global responsibilities.

So should we not also fight for Mohammed Morsi's reinstatement? Should we not want to beat down the opposition, take on the military, and ensure that democracy is restored?

This situation highlights the absurdity of our involvement in Middle East politics. The United States should get out of the way and let the citizens of those countries figure it our for themselves.

As clearly established by our Founding Fathers, our first obligation is to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within our own borders. There remains plenty of work in that regard.

Bill Arnold, St. Petersburg

Immigration reform

Put military on the border

It is time to reconsider what is being proposed to secure the border between Mexico and the United States.

I suggest that the United States take a lesson from Israel. They have their borders between Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt secured with barbed wire. The barbed wire also has a sophisticated detection system that can immediately identify the section that has been breached. Monitoring posts are regularly positioned along the borders so that when a breach is detected the military responds.

Bring our military personnel back from Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan., etc., and let them secure their own borders. World War II has been over for 68 years. These countries should be able to defend themselves. Why in the world would the United States want to hire 20,000 civil service employees to secure the border when we have a seasoned military that can perform that function?

I suggest that the "gang of eight" senators take a trip to Israel and observe their border security system.

Salvatore Castronovo, Punta Gorda

Flaws with walls

How absurd is it to spend billions of dollars to build a 700-mile fence to keep out dreaded immigrants on our southern border? What if the fence were built in our "neighborhood"?

According to my handy road atlas, a fence built from Tampa to Gainesville is 130 miles. That's a long drive in the car. Imagine the fence crossing swamps, rivers, private property, businesses and existing roads, going through fields and forest for over 100 miles. But you are not even close to the end. Continue the fence further, say to Atlanta. That is 458 miles and still over 200 miles to go.

The fence is a crazy idea built on hysteria. Walls and fences have a long and dishonorable history of failure, such as the Berlin Wall, Maginot Line, China's Great Wall and Hitler's Fortress Europe. This expensive nonsense will fail also.

Arnold Frigeri, Sun City Center

Ruling affirms American principles June 27, John Romano column

Free to disagree

I so enjoyed John Romano's column on same-sex marriage. I believe everyone has the right to live his or her life the way they want. That is what America is all about.

Those who oppose the court's ruling are free to disagree with it — "free" being the optimal word. We as a nation are still growing and learning. More changes will come; some will like them while some will not. But isn't that what America is all about? We all love our country, for better or worse.

Virginia Bliesner, Pinellas Park

Alternative energy

Reliable power needed

Over the years I have read many letters from your readers promoting the use of alternative energy sources for our state, particularly solar and wind. It seems that the majority of these readers are misinformed about what role the alternative sources can play in the overall production of electricity.

Base-load power refers to electric generation resources that operate continuously and are available 24 hours a day. Base-load power plants provide reliable power to maintain a large-scale electrical grid. The only sources of energy that provide base-load power are nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydro and geothermal.

Wind, solar and other "clean" energy sources do not and will not provide base-load power; they can only be used to supplement the other forms of energy.

Nuclear must play a role in the generation of electricity in the United States, and the rest of the world, for years to come. Hopefully, uranium can someday be replaced by thorium as the fuel supply for nuclear power, but until something like that occurs, enriched uranium remains the only viable option.

Bill Barlow, New Port Richey

Grocery rumors stirring angst | July 4

A welcome business

Instead of focusing on the myriad positive aspects that a Trader Joe's would bring to our community, this article focused on the negatives.

Was there any mention of the jobs that building and operating a Trader Joe's would create? Or that Trader Joe's employees are among the highest paid in their industry? Any reference of Trader Joe's extensive partnerships with local schools? Any discussion of Trader Joe's commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen and community partner?

Nope. This article talked to two women saddened about their local gym closing. It also included conjecture about the potential of a crowded parking lot. Do you honestly think Trader Joe's wants a crowded parking lot? Do you really think they would spend millions of dollars to build a store that is hard for people to access?

So instead of creating a welcoming atmosphere to an industry-leading business, this article created "angst."

I, like many in South Tampa, am ecstatic about the possibility of a Trader Joe's opening here. Yes, they do have fantastic products, but perhaps more importantly, they are exactly the type of business any community would be thrilled to have.

Andrew Delscamp, Tampa


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