Sunday, September 23, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Public's health put at risk

Unsafe water a national problem | Feb. 9

Public's health put at risk

This article highlights the catastrophic events that can occur when toxic chemicals go unmonitored, unknown or ignored. This is why we cannot allow fracking in Florida; it is unfathomable how our Legislature can consider anything but an all-out ban. As a pediatric nurse practitioner and child health advocate, I have grave concern for our most vulnerable citizens: unborn babies, young children and communities of color.

In Flint, Mich., the contaminant was eventually found to be lead, but consider the hundreds of potentially toxic, carcinogenic and or "trade secret" fracking chemicals that would, based on numerous scientific studies, contaminate Florida's water and air and significantly harm public health.

Authorities would be denied the right to test for "trade secret" chemicals, putting public health in jeopardy. Health professionals face personal risk while providing life-saving care to those exposed to such chemicals; how can we prevent against or treat what we don't know?

A major tenet of nursing care is the right to know. Patients have the right to relevant and timely information on potentially harmful products, chemicals and pollutants to which they are exposed. Pro-fracking Senate Bill 318 does none of this, and must be stopped.

Jeannette Fleischer, Tampa

NRA lobbyist escalated feud with Swiftmud Feb. 10

Change to steel shot

I have been shooting at the Skyway Trap & Skeet Club for several years, during which time lead shot has never been allowed. In fact, they check all boxes of ammo with a magnet to make sure only steel shot is used. There has been a berm installed to keep any stray shot from entering the lake. There have also been more safety measures put in place on the shooting direction in relation to the berm.

Ray Shirley, Tampa

Gun rights over all others?

The power of the ever-expanding Second Amendment is truly astonishing. According to Marion Hammer it covers the right of private companies to pollute water sources, refuse to clean them up, and stick Florida taxpayers with the $25 million required to clean up a million pounds of lead. It seems it also allows for the abolition of pesky government agencies that try to hold gun ranges accountable for the pollution they create.

Hammer's Second Amendment message to the people of Florida seems to be that any and all gun rights are more important than you: Eat, drink and breathe lead, suckers.

Moe Loogham, Lutz

Clinton takes aim at Sanders' policies Feb. 12

Thanks for the laughs

I have to thank Hillary Clinton for starting my day off with a belly-busting laugh. She chastised Bernie Sanders for not being totally truthful with the American people.

This is the same Clinton who "dodged sniper fire in Bosnia," said Benghazi was the result of a film, was broke when she and Bill left the White House — and she tells Bernie he has not been truthful.

Oh well, as she once said, "What difference does it make?"

Albert Ravenna, St. Pete Beach


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Editorial cartoons for Sept. 18

From Times wires
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