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Monday's Letters: Sink doesn't deserve 'F' from NRA

NRA rating for Alex Sink

Sink doesn't deserve NRA's 'F'

Let me qualify this by saying I have been a member of the National Rifle Association for 27 years. I have read their ratings of candidates in the past, and trusted their judgment.

I don't trust them anymore.

I received a letter from the NRA's Institute of Legislative Action. It praised Rick Scott for supporting the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, giving him an A rating. Coincidently, they gave his opponent, whose name was never mentioned in the letter (Alex Sink), an F rating. I found this strange, as I have done extensive research on both candidates to see where they stand on gun control, and could find no instances of either being antigun or anti-Second Amendment.

I called our local NRA representative in Volusia County, who could not give me any instance where Sink did anything antigun or anti-Second Amendment. I called the NRA's Institute of Legislative Action at their headquarters in Virginia, and again, the representative there could not provide me with a single shred of evidence that showed Sink as being antigun or anti-Second Amendment. The representative stated that the rating came because Sink did not return a survey that the NRA sends to all candidates. That is the only reason.

There is no evidence of her ever doing or saying anything that could be construed as anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment that the NRA could provide me.

Research the candidates and vote your mind, not just your party.

Douglas V. Giacobbe, Ormond Beach

Death sets an example | Oct. 10

Training, information

on palliative care needed

Thank you for this article.

My husband has been a lung cancer patient for three years. He has undergone six types of chemotherapy treatments in the past 2½ years, all of which were expensive and unpleasant for all of us.

We have chosen not to try any more drugs suggested by the doctor. It would be of no service.

I agree that doctors must be trained to deal with and communicate about death. At our stage, we are beginning to deal with the fact that death will happen, soon. And we feel very uninformed as to the steps to begin preparing.

One of our wonderful nurses spoke with me about palliative care. Until that moment, about two years into the treatments, no one had mentioned that word. I had no understanding of what palliative care was all about.

I appreciate this article for alerting the medical students and practicing physicians that preparing for and communicating about death is just as important as knowing how to diagnose the disease.

Tracy Weaver, Hudson

More money, lower taxes | Oct. 9

Fortunes made of nothing

This Times article on Rick Scott notes that he gets income from investments and "earns no wages." I guess that aligns him with the millions "outplaced" by the new American business model he helped advance: profit for the few by impoverishing (and defrauding) the many.

People who actually work for a living — driving his limos, tending his several estates, doing his pool maintenance — earn their money. His comes largely from "investments."

At best this nonactivity is just "making" money, usually out of nothing. The vast fortunes produced by the so-called financial industry come from outsourcing, house-side casino wagers and risk-free derivative transactions. This is creating spendable money by stealing real wealth from people who actually produce something of value.

Scott usually gets a great return on investment. I wonder what he hopes to "earn" for the $50 million or $60 million he's using to buy this office?

Jon McPhee, St. Petersburg

'Green' home moves ahead | Oct. 13

Misuse of tax money

What is wrong with Pinellas County commissioners? We are in the worst housing recession in years and they are going to build a "green" home costing $476,000 and $55,000 in management fees.

People are losing their homes right and left and this is what they come up with? Why not take existing homes and remodel them "green"?

"Green" is not about cutting down more trees for a new home no one will live in. Stop spending our tax dollars on ideas that make us think you don't have a shred of common sense among you.

Pamela Ericson, St. Petersburg

Crist for U.S. Senate | Oct. 10

A candidate who listens

The Times could not have written a better editorial on why the citizens of Florida should vote for Gov. Crist for Senate. It recognized that he is not perfect but basically has good intentions and listens to the people of Florida rather than jamming his own agenda down our throats.

We have had enough of personal agendas in Washington. The willingness to destroy this country just to make President Barack Obama's agenda look inept is exactly what we don't need. We need someone like Crist who will work with both parties in order to come to a compromise.

Diane M. Drake, Tampa

Can't tell what he stands for

As a former supporter of Charlie Crist, with both my money and my vote, it seems the Times has conveniently put on blinders concerning this candidate's actions and positions on a host of important issues.

Indeed, one reason I can no longer support Crist is that I have no idea what he stands for … today. And even if I knew, he may change his mind again … tomorrow.

Crist is "a great guy," but this does not make him the best hope for Floridians as either governor or senator. The only reason to still stand in Crist's corner is that he is the hometown boy — but that's not enough and it's not the right reason.

S.W. Graham, St. Petersburg

Times recommends C.W. Bill Young

It's time for a change

As a registered Republican, I am confused and disappointed by the Times' recommendation of Rep. C.W. Bill Young for the 10th Congressional District. While Young has served this district well, it is clear that his productive years are behind him.

If Young's physical/health issues are preventing him from giving the public that he serves any face time, how can we expect him to be able to represent us in Washington?

Thomas Beam, Seminole

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