Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday's letters: Tourism props up Castro regime

Rubio's stance on Cuba hurts Florida | Oct. 25, editorial

Tourism props up Castro regime

Last week, this newspaper criticized my opposition to enriching Cuba's Castro regime with American tourism dollars while reiterating your unconscionable position of supporting an Obama administration policy that helps fund the regime's repressive machine. It was an editorial that the tyrants in Cuba surely delighted in reading.

Your paper bemoaned the enhanced scrutiny on "people-to-people cultural exchanges" that had been exposed for itineraries laden with dubious items that included salsa dancing, cigar rolling, rum making and meetings with regime officials. You then claimed that these were legal trips, a misleading assertion in light of the Treasury Department's subsequent rewriting of the regulations governing these trips when rampant abuses were brought to light. The fact is, whether one likes it or not, tourism travel to Cuba remains illegal.

I understand we may never agree on this issue. However, my motivations should be clear to all. Freedom has never been won by weak or appeasing policies. One of the largest sources of funding to the Castro regime is travel to the island by foreign tourists, including Americans. For this reason, and because the State Department has acknowledged the increased risks of unjust imprisonments for Americans visiting Cuba, I will continue to oppose this lucrative windfall that benefits the regime.

As the son of Cuban immigrants, I treasure the freedom my parents claimed for me on the shores of the United States. I will not waver in my support of a Cuba that shares in these same freedoms.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio

Bogus letters target voters | Oct. 24

Twisted logic at work

So, let me get this straight. "The state has created a lot of confusion about citizenship and eligibility. No one can be reasonably surprised that people have stepped in to take advantage of the confusion." Really?

This quote from Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, blaming Gov. Rick Scott for the despicable actions of whomever is responsible for these bogus notices, is incredible.

Connecting Scott's legitimate objective of trying to create an accurate voter roll with the blatantly dirty trick of sending phony, misleading letters to known Republican voters shows how twisted a liberal mind can be when it comes to pointing fingers.

Ted Milios, Hudson

Women voters up for grabs | Oct. 25

Skills don't translate

Women who think Mitt Romney has a successful track record in business that will help the U.S. economy are just mistaken. The skills needed to get rich in a private equity firm like Bain will not translate into policies that create jobs here.

If elected, Romney, like previous Republican presidents, will increase the deficit, unemployment will rise and the rich will get richer. In addition, he is surrounded by the old George W. Bush neoconservative crowd on foreign policy, doesn't respect the rights of women, and changes his positions too often.

He doesn't even offer the prospect of bipartisanship since the Democratic legislature in Massachusetts had to override some 800 of his vetoes. Romney has no credibility.

Deborah Hart, Brooksville

Headline humor

If there were a Pulitzer Prize for unfortunate article headers, "Women voters up for grabs" would undoubtedly win going away. In a political season in which women's issues have time and again surfaced to derail the Republican campaign express, your infelicitous headline could not but evoke politically incorrect, albeit nonetheless hearty, guffaws.

Fred Kalhammer, Sun City Center

Campaign 2012

Signs of the times

I live in the area of Palm Harbor called Ozona.

Four years ago, the vast majority of yard signs supported Barack Obama. There were almost as many Ron Paul signs as there were John McCain signs.

This year it is quite different. The Romney signs outnumber the Obama signs by more than 3 to 2.

Ken Mallory, Palm Harbor

Helping the hungry

Thank goodness Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are talking about poverty getting worse in America. It may get much worse.

One north Tampa church has been serving hundreds of meals every Saturday for several years. Proposed cuts ($168 billion) to food stamps may make those meals even more important.

There are 330,000 religious congregations in the United States. To make up for the cuts, each congregation would need to raise an additional $50,000 for food assistance. We will need to do this for a while — every year for the next 10 years. Is your congregation eager to add this to its budget? Is this likely to happen?

Who came up with this idea to cut food stamps so drastically? Paul Ryan did. Mitt Romney endorsed it. The Catholic Bishops condemned it as immoral. America, we need to take care of our own. That is a basic moral contract we have with one another as human beings.

Rev. Warren Clark, Temple Terrace

Out of the mainstream

Why is it that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get a "pass" from the media on the crazy rape talk? Ryan shares the same out-of-mainstream beliefs on "forcible rape" as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Romney refuses to denounce Mourdock for his comments. I never knew anyone who thought "rape" needed a qualifying adjective. It is a brutal crime — not a gift from God.

Wendy Cartwright, Tampa

Naked woman had a gun, officials say Oct. 23

Where was assistance?

Two men had two opportunities to help this confused woman but only took out their phones to take a picture. Two other men had one opportunity to assist this woman and on the second encounter took out their weapons to kill her in self-defense. I hope that should I find myself in a confused mental state needing help that the person I encounter is another woman.

Glenda Pittman, St. Petersburg


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