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Moog Road library needs a sidewalk

Moog Road library needs a sidewalk

When the Pasco commissioners discuss a library in a heavily populated area of Pasco, nobody is asking them to look for a convenient site, fund an appropriate building or build a staff dedicated for the citizens. That would be a tremendous job, but luckily all that work is done. The Centennial Library on Moog Road already exists, and it is a lifeline for the people. That facility was built because we voters agreed to a special bond issue for which we were to be taxed, with the expectation that the building would be used for the purpose intended.

Do the commissioners remember when the library was a totally inadequate storefront on Mile Stretch Road? I do. I went there and I was appalled. I wondered whether I had made a mistake buying a home in New Port Richey. It was no mistake and I take pride in our libraries. Retrofitting the Centennial branch to use as county office space would be an insult.

A library needs to be local. Local means it's for all of us, children walking or riding their bikes, locals who can get there easily on their way to other places, and the older ones without easy access to transportation who need a library to keep us feeling up-to-date.

If the commissioners are truly the fine people we elected, they will improve rather than impoverish the status quo by adding a sidewalk on Moog Road. Our children will be safer.

Alice Millar, New Port Richey

Mall should have air conditioning | July 29 letter

Enclosed malls too costly to run

I am not sure now long it's been since the letter writer has been to a new enclosed mall, but I don't recall one being built anywhere in the past 10 years or so. In fact, in some northern areas, it's been even longer.

I occasionally shop in the local enclosed malls in Tampa Bay, and on my last few visits to the Washington, D.C., area I did the same and none of them were packed, even during the past holiday season. More folks were walking around than shopping. While a nice place to walk, they don't make any money with that activity.

Enclosed malls are just too expensive to build and operate, and I believe if the letter writer considers how much she actually spends when she visits one she may realize why they are no longer built.

Ralph Jenkins, Land O'Lakes

Outdoor malls draw shoppers

The letter writer from Zephyrhills would like all malls to be air conditioned because she doesn't like the heat and sun of Florida.

She seems to have the it's-all-about-me syndrome. Shopping at Wiregrass is a pleasant experience even though at times it is hot. But guess what? We live in Florida. It's hot in Florida.

Wiregrass mall, and others like it, do not attract non-shoppers who have no intention of buying anything or who hang around intimidating real shoppers. Air-conditioned malls can and do encourage that type of non-shopper.

Maybe the writer should consider walking in the evening and buying a cold drink at Wiregrass or moving to a cooler state.

Carolyn Reeves, Zephyrhills

Hotline tip gets no recognition

The Pasco Sheriff's Office is ridiculous. I called in a tip on the Crimestoppers hotline that led to the arrest of an armed bank robber. After I called Crimestoppers back on the following Wednesday (the only day you can check on the status of your tip), I was told that Pasco County is not part of the Crimestoppers program and was referred to a detective for the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

After eight days of leaving messages I finally had my call returned. The detective told me that my tip did not help them catch the robber and the detectives who arrested him were following a lead that they received.

The link to his arrest shows he was arrested 30 minutes after I gave them his name, alias and home address.

Way to go, Pasco!

Drew Bruder, Holiday

No protection from rate gouging

The Florida Public Service Commission does nothing to protect the citizens of Florida. Check this out.

In 2007, Utilities Inc. requested a rate increase (reference docket number 060253-WS). The commission approved a 7.6 percent increase in the base facility charge ($8.93 to $9.61), a 76.27 percent increase in the rate per 1,000 gallons ($1.77 to $3.12 ) and a wastewater service increase (unmetered) from $13.48 to $25.23, an 87 percent increase.

Less then four years later, the Florida Public Service Commission is allowing Utilities Inc. to now charge me a water base charge of $14.63 (up 48.5 percent), $4.64 per 1,000 gallons (up 48.7 percent) and a wastewater service charge of $39.55 (up 56.75 percent). This is absolute price gouging!

I, as well as my neighbors, cannot accept nor afford these increases. We will be requesting an investigation and audit of Utilities Inc. and the practices of the Florida Public Service Commission.

Laurie A. Tyree, Holiday

Panhandlers seem to be migrating

Are you tired of seeing panhandling at every intersection? I think we are having an epidemic from Pinellas County migrating to Pasco.

The other day I went to the Hudson Post Office, and the panhandlers were even there working the entrance road. Wake up commissioners. St. Petersburg passed a law against panhandling. Tampa is looking into it.

There used to be one at each intersection. Now, there are two to three at each major intersection.

Robert Tedeschi, Hudson

Support for the McPhersons

We are hopping mad right now and would like to write to all those people slamming Scott and Kim McPherson. After much thought, we decided we would be just like those ignorant people who wrote all those nasty letters and we decided against it.

We want to tell Kim and Scott how very proud we are of all their accomplishments. They are both very wonderful parents and wonderful people who do so much for the community. It's sad when you screw up one time and you are automatically labeled.

Don't ever change. Hold your heads up high because your family and your many friends and acquaintances know what great people you are.

Yes, we are Kim's parents, and proud of it and proud of our son-in-law. We love them both very much.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Jim and Donna Thompson, New Port Richey

Mayor a disgrace, should step down

I am, as the mayor called us, a Moon Lake b----.

Excuse me, but just because the mayor's pretty wife was arrested for domestic battery does not give him the right to consider all women in Moon Lake as people who would act like his wife does. I have never been arrested and I reside in Moon Lake.

The mayor is a disgrace. The mayor should step down, and he and his wife should do us Moon Lakers a favor and don't move here.

Maybe if the county provided us with reasonably priced roads, sidewalks and lights, we, too, could be as wonderful as the mayor and his wife.

Nancy Rodriguez, Moon Lake Estates

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