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More sidewalks, bike paths needed

More sidewalks, bike paths needed

My wife and I took a bike ride on the lovely scenic Green Key Road to Rees Park and I can tell you we are lucky to be alive.

It's beyond me in a state that promotes the outdoor lifestyle, sunshine and nature, could allow its citizens and tourists to risk their lives walking or riding their bike to the beach on a road with heavy traffic and no space for pedestrians? The road is narrow to begin with, is there a speed limit? If there is any funding, I would suggest bike paths and sidewalks.

Sidewalks and bike paths would be a welcome addition anywhere in this county. Take a look at the sidewalk installed on Sea Forest and how many people enjoy it.

Help keep our taxpayers and tourists safe. It's a good thing.

Anthony Marfione, New Port Richey

Board listened on school impact fees

Thank you to the residents of Pasco County who rose to the occasion and sent a loud and clear message to our county commission.

Our schoolchildren will benefit from your calls, e-mails and certainly your attendance at local meetings. Defeating the attempt to eliminate school impact fees was really proof that voices raised are voices heard.

I must commend Cynthia Armstrong for leading the fight for the School Board and the Pasco Times for its very knowledgeable editorials.

I will not question why three of our commission members changed their minds, I will only say thank you. I know it must have been very hard for Commissioner Jack Mariano to change his vote since he was the one who had been leading the fight for the elimination of the fee.

Good job commissioners. Thank you for listening to the people and a big thank you from the children of Pasco who are really the ones who will benefit from your change of heart and vote.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Man shoots cat with a BB gun April 21 article

People need to control their pets

Maybe this guy should not have done this deed, but then cat owners need to take responsibility, too. I see cats and dogs in my neighborhood that wander into peoples' yards and treat the yards as one big litter box.

If people cannot control their pets then maybe they should not own any animals. Pasco County does not have enough Animal Control officers as it is.

So tell me, what is a person suppose to do when a stray cat wanders into their yard? I say let the police enforce a leash law. If a stray is wandering the neighborhood, call authorities and let them deal with it. Give the person a fine and if it keeps happening, give them a court appearance. Maybe then they'll learn a lesson.

If the truly loved their pets, they would not let them run loose all the time.

Ron Lupien, New Port Richey

Open-carry law is no threat in state

Nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say that the right to keep and bear arms is restricted to concealed hand guns only. Open carry is precisely within the words and meaning of that amendment. The Second Amendment is very much a part of the proposed changes to our firearm carry law.

Open carry surely does discourage criminal attack. Other states that permit open carry have had no particular problems, and there is no reason to think that Florida's adoption of open carry would pose a threat to either other peaceful citizens or law enforcement.

The proposed open-carry law would also protect concealed carry license holders from being charged with a crime simply because of unintentional display of his or her pistol.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

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