Thursday, February 22, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Mosquitoes are no treat on Halloween

Bloodsuckers out on Halloween

As I strolled through the neighborhood on Halloween with my wife and newborn son, we found ourselves swatting and smacking at various body parts. Mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds were out in force, assaulting the buffet of children and parents.

Why were there so many mosquitoes out that night? The answer might be found by asking a different question: Why did Pasco County Mosquito Control not spray in the week leading up to Halloween? Surely, someone at the Mosquito Control office thought, "Boy, we ought to think about spraying the neighborhoods before 250,000 kids go walk around outside at dusk."

I would like to continue this letter, but it's hard to write and scratch 63 welts at the same time.

Adam Hazell, Land O'Lakes

Public safety or political attack?

Kim Bogart's recent news conference had absolutely nothing to do with putting public safety first as he touts. His accusations amount to exactly the type of politics he rallies against: slinging mud.

It was interesting to note that Mr. Bogart waited until the 11th hour to bring to the public's attention an incident that occurred nine months earlier. As a former Sheriff's Office employee, he is well aware of how easy it is to Monday morning quarterback.

Bogart's political attack was below him, and below the office he seeks.

Craig A. Laporte, Port Richey

Shelter dog full of life and love

A year ago, my husband and I adopted a dog from the Pasco Animal Services shelter. She had been picked up running the streets of Dade City. The police took her to the shelter.

I am so glad they did. She is a high-energy dog and the love of our life. The shelter and the people working were very nice.

Judy Lozaw, Holiday


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