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Most bad drivers don't look elderly

Senior drivers

Bad drivers don't appear to be elderly

While driving at the speed limit, I have often had some auto within feet of my rear bumper. If I had to suddenly brake, I'm afraid the car behind me would rear-end me. On several occasions, I have pulled over to let them speed past me. None of the drivers ever looked elderly.

I have had cars roar up behind me at excessive speeds and pass me and other cars as they weave in and out of traffic. None of the drivers ever looked elderly.

On any given day I have observed cars running red lights or driving erratically at excessive speeds. I've never observed any of the drivers to be elderly.

Perhaps the St. Petersburg Times could provide us with the percentage of accidents caused by drivers of different age groups. I would prefer that to the opinion of one individual who claims to be an authority.

The Times could do a community service by publishing a safe driving rule each day on the front page. Some examples: Keep a car length distance between cars for each 10 mph of speed. Turn your lights on when it is raining. Do not pass school buses that are loading or unloading children. Drive at the posted speed limit. Do not cut in and out of traffic. Do not talk on cell phones while you are driving. Do not send text messages while driving. Slow down when children are near.

I'm certain you can come up with others. These can be repeated since we have so many slow learners, most of whom are not elderly.

Bob Moore, St. Petersburg

Ticket the nitwits into submission

Much has been written regarding those who have been killed by drivers while trying to cross a street, as well as the daily turmoil presented when students need to wait for their school bus on busy thoroughfares.

There is no question that many pedestrians do not follow crosswalks, and some suffer a very high price for not doing so. However, this is not to excuse the assortment of nitwits who operate vehicles in the Tampa Bay region without regard to pedestrians or traffic.

If the majority of drivers would slow down, leave sufficient room between cars, and generally operate in a more friendly manner, the abundance of crashes, injuries and deaths could be reduced.

In the absence of this possibility, my only other thought would be to have police aggressively enforce the rules of the road so that these individuals, with their blatant disregard for the rights of others, could reduce government deficits by being ticketed into submission.

Marc Duval, Pinellas Park

Just pull up your pants, young men

As I watch the young men of our fair city walk the streets with their pants halfway to their knees and clutching their "private parts" to keep them on, I wonder why they do this. Is it because they think this will attract young ladies?

It's time they all pulled up their pants and put a belt around their waists instead of being so sloppy. It certainly isn't very attractive to me.

Doris J. Houdesheldt, St. Petersburg

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