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Muslims get example of caring in Hernando County

Muslims set fine example of caring

I was upset about Michael Burmann and his comments to the commissioners concerning the Muslims receiving recognition for their generosity during Thanksgiving.

I work for a Muslim-owned surgery center here in Brooksville. I witness every day their kindness and caring attitudes towards our patients, myself and co-workers. I have also worked for a large local hospital corporation and no way do they show their employees the respect and appreciation that the surgery center does.

I wonder if Mr. Burmann is aware of the free clinic that our local Muslim doctors finance and volunteer at? This clinic is located across from the old Brooksville hospital and it is available to anyone who does not have medical insurance. They dedicate a lot of time and money to help our needy. They do a lot for our community throughout the year, not just Thanksgiving.

I do not feel it is right to judge a entire religion because of radicals acts of some. They are part of our community and they contribute a lot of support. I personally appreciate and respect these doctors no matter what religion they are. I and most of my co-workers are Christian; the doctors respect that and never push their beliefs on us. They deserve the same in return.

Teri Salzer, Brooksville

Lower fees hurt homeowners

It is obvious that the leadership of Hernando County continue to offer old solutions to long-term problems. The vote to lower impact fees only proves that the real leadership does not sit on the County Commission but in development: builders and real estate offices. Our commissioners have now provided their first promise to their financial supporters.

What is perplexing is that the commissioners as a group can focus on only one idea to stimulate our real estate industry, not the economy. Where are the jobs outside the real estate industry?

The voters of Hernando County must understand that until a tax base other than real estate taxes is developed, all homeowners in Hernando County will bear the full burden of financing county government, the Sheriff's Office, schools and fire services.

Don't count on this commission to keep taxes low; prepare for a tax increase with county deficits looming ahead. This vote by the commissioners not only placed the burden of taxation for infrastructure costs on the home­owners but will continue to keep the value of your home low and will lower them for years to come. The reason is supply and demand. With builders adding new inventory on the market in addition to all the foreclosures and empty homes on the market, values will continue to decline. This is a formula approved by your county commissioners to increase county deficits and have homeowners pay for them.

In October of next year when the commissioners decide to raise the millage rate or exhaust the county reserves and delay the tax increase for re-election reasons, and sell you a bill of goods that it is to protect the level of services, remember the impact fee cut given to the builders and developers — their financial supporters. They were more important then the voters who put them in office.

Vito J. Delgori Sr., Spring Hill

Siblings should be kept together

At an Oct. 20 Hernando School Board workshop meeting it was stated that a committee would be created to research and gather information about magnet school enrollment procedures and then report this data to the board so that it would have a foundation for a long-term magnet school procedure going forward.

The 2009 Florida Statutes state each school district shall develop a process that encourages placement of siblings within the same school.

I feel it is discriminatory, since a magnet school is already an existing choice program, to not encourage placement of siblings within the same school. This process would allow families to enroll siblings at the same school and strengthen the relationship between the family and the school community.

The current decision to end sibling preference neither strengthens family involvement nor family empowerment and actually stifles opportunities for parents to participate on school councils and in volunteer programs, as well as other activities. In fact, it does the opposite by stretching parents' resources, which are already limited in today's world, too thin to allow any school involvement to be strengthened when siblings of elementary school age are in separate schools.

It is my understanding that the change made by the board to eliminate sibling preference in the magnet schools was based on the seats they would be taking away from talented students, But the initial change for enrollment for kindergarten to 100 percent lottery totally contradicts that.

Sibling preference should absolutely be a part of that process that needs to be revisited. Please allow the time necessary for this committee to complete the research on all the issues needed for a dedicated long-term magnet school procedure, and extend sibling preference for one more year to prevent any confusion and disruption to the students and families of Hernando County.

Laura Page, Spring Hill

Keep recycling schedule as is

I don't know if my household is typical but I hate to see the pickup of my recyclables extended to two weeks in lieu of the current once-a-week schedule. My recycling bins are full after one week.

What's not full are my two trash cans. I rarely put out more than one can at a time. My trash is carted off twice a week now — Saturdays and Wednesdays — and on Wednesdays it's likely that not even the one can I take out is full. In my case, it seems more sensible to have a once-a-week schedule for both garbage and recyclables.

J. Daniel, Spring Hill

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Muslims get example of caring in Hernando County 11/14/09 [Last modified: Friday, November 20, 2009 8:54am]
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