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Needy students show dedication

Meet James, the quiet survivor | April 27, article

Needy students show dedication

I have sent three children through Pasco schools, directed Health Department activities and currently mentor at Hudson Elementary School. I continue to be amazed at what so many needy students have to overcome yet successfully pursue educational goals. Unfortunately, many fall by the wayside but others remain on track and do what it takes to make their lives better.

These youth are our community's heroes, not the politicians that crush resources or those that turn a blind eye to the many needs in this community. James is not the only one overcoming difficulties with sparse assistance. I wept reading that article. Hopefully the die-hard no-tax conservatives may feel a pluck at their heartstrings, but I doubt it.

One cannot forget the role of teachers in offering support from their own pocketbooks. They, too, are unsung heroes more likely to get bashed by the uninformed than given their due overcoming the many challenges in the classroom. We cannot forget the plight of struggling families trying to make ends meet with limited options for help.

My best to you, James. You are truly an inspiration. Always be there for the others.

Marc J. Yacht, M.D., Hudson

Dear Sheriff, can we all have a car?

Having read numerous accounts of Sheriff Bob White's policy of allowing civilians to drive home county vehicles and use them for personal use, I find his response to the situation sadly amusing.

One of his election opponents, Robert Sullivan, claims an expense to the taxpayer of more than $220,000 for this perk. The sheriff says it's more like $50,000.

Even without taking a calculator in hand, the math is simple. Divide 50 vehicles involved into $50,000 and you get $1,000 cost per vehicle. Divide that by 50 weeks per year (minus two weeks vacation without a take-home car) and you get a weekly cost of $20 for gasoline, maintenance, insurance, etc., to drive the car to work and for personal use when off duty.

Based on the sheriff's numbers, I have a solution to high gas prices and economic woes. Let Sheriff White provide every one of us taxpayers with one of his perks.

Deanna Norris, Port Richey

Please bury those power lines

Progress Energy's proposed nuclear plant in Levy County and tentative corridors for installations are of utmost concern and need more investigation and media participation.

I live west of Little Road, one of the proposed corridors, where there is a proliferation of seniors. Approval of SB1506, Eminent Domain, could potentially ruin our lives.

Progress Energy's fiasco at the Spartan Manor was intended to educate but only served to increase our fears. We asked and were informed that underground installations are too expensive.

Why not take those million-dollar bonuses given to Progress Energy's executives and use them to develop safer energy resources in keeping with the green theme?

Protecting citizens instead of disrupting or destroying their lives should be the goal of our legislators and the companies that serve us.

Juanita V. Jackson-Lowman, Port Richey

Let's drill for oil, help the economy

I am a voter in Pasco County and I am not thrilled with the progress of our current government. My main issue is with the current gas prices.

I will never believe that we as a country don't have enough oil in our great country to support ourselves. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson has blocked drilling in the gulf off most of the west coast with a buffer of 235 miles. U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor has filed a bill to block oil drilling off Florida's west coast forever.

This is not the direction we as a country and state need to pursue. Cuba is going to start drilling 50 miles from the Florida coast and we can't stop them. There is still oil in Texas, Alaska, Wyoming and Pennsylvania that we haven't even tried to pump.

If we can drill oil out of the gulf, let's do it. Why keep making drilling in the Middle East more and more prosperous? ExxonMobil has recorded record profits for the past three years. Just because some accounting firm says that billions of profits are not out of line with other corporations of equal size doesn't convince me that we still need to pay almost $4 a gallon and probably more by the end of the year. Let's drill from our own resources and prosper ourselves.

Richard T. Welch, Zephyrhills

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