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New ballfield in Pasco would not attract tourists

Ballfield not best option for county

While building a ballfield is a good way to satisfy constituents, it is a rather poor choice for attracting tourists. There is no argument against the end result of providing more recreational opportunities, but the means and funding used to get this particular facility built should be re-examined.

The fact that the project fails to offer anything exclusive or unique is the first problem I see. Tournaments have a multitude of choices when deciding where to play. Extensive and ongoing marketing efforts are required to get their attention and obtain the desired results. Even with a gimmick, just another ballfield is not really something that will put Pasco on the map.

The best way to use scarce money is to leverage its effect by building on something already in place. There should be more bang for the buck. Pasco County is not known for sports sensations, but we do have miles of undeveloped coastline, wide open spaces, beautiful rivers, and a successful park and trail system. We also have several projects in progress, which seek to develop these resources for both local residents and visitors to benefit but it seems that insufficient funding is responsible for delaying some of these projects already promised by the county.

In addition to the folks in Pasco who leave to find something to do, we have nearby populations that represent millions in potential revenue and they all pass us by. Those to the north pack U.S. 19 heading for the Pinellas beaches, while those in the most densely populated county drive north for camping or to get away from it all and enjoy some open space. This is in addition to the visitors who are staying nearby but have no reason to come see us.

It is easy to see how people have come to view Pasco as nowhere land and scoff. While some may see only ridicule, this could be turned into a positive means of promoting something Pasco can easily offer.

Nothing but nature.

Greg Johnson, New Port Richey

Legacy plans move forward, Dec. 3 article

Legacy idea heaps excess on excess

Am I missing something? Do we no longer have hundreds and hundreds of empty houses and commercial sites strewn throughout our county? If I have not missed anything and we still have them, then why would our commissioners approve all of this excess development in the Legacy project (almost 800 more houses; 200,000 more square feet of commercial space; 180,000 square feet of office space and 350,000 square feet of industrial space)? I agree we need to bring big business to our county, but this is not the way. Let us be smart with our money and our land, please. We can be business-friendly and responsible with our natural resources at the same time, right?

Henry Wilson Jr., New Port Richey

Good to see ads showing disabled

It was gratifying to see Toys "R" Us showed disabled children in an advertising flier in the Sunday newspaper. I wish more advertisers, using your newspaper and other venues, would become more inclusive when they advertise.

The disabled live among us whether they are children, young adults, veterans or the aged. The companies who pay for the creation of the advertisement for the stores where we shop are in need of a reality check. They should consider the disabled as consumers.

Toys "R" Us showed a sensitivity that others need to practice. I hope other stores follow its lead.

Aldo Boselli, New Port Richey

Too many pets, easy solutions

We want all residents in Pasco County to neuter or spay and give vaccinations to cats.

We all know that we have too many. But, if the government would neuter and spay all our pets, then we, the county, would be a better place for our pets.

Cecilia La Grutta, New Port Richey

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