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Steve Rushing

Steve Rushing

New Hernando superintendent brings needed change

Re: Superintendent's proposed pay raise

New leader brings needed change

I have lived in this county for many years. I've watched my children grow and learn from the educational system, and now I am blessed to do the same with my grandchildren. I am not one for sharing my opinion, but when I read the article about the superintendent asking for such a raise, I said enough.

One thing I have learned by being a parent is that people don't like change. Seems to me not many of us grown folks do, either. Perhaps that is the reason so many people don't like this "arrogant" Northerner, Dr. Wayne Alexander. As a seasoned Hernando resident, I think it is about time someone had the confidence and insight to see that what we've been doing for so many years just isn't working. It's time for the change.

I'm not saying the man deserves a 14 percent raise, but I do feel a man is entitled to ask for what he wants. Give the man his due. Is it really arrogance that this outsider, trying to make his way here, is exuding confidence to do what is right, rather than going along with the current that has always existed? I believe he was trying to save the district some money by not wanting an assistant. I guess he feels he can get the job done and take most of the rumors on himself.

Times are tough for us all. Teachers aren't paid nearly what they're worth, but I put that blame on the previous superintendent. I believe teachers always have been underpaid. A young man said to me recently, "You get what you pay for." Educating our kids will always be an investment we need to take seriously.

Rather than worrying about what this man's dream raise is, why aren't we focusing on the good things he has been doing? Heck, at least he isn't sitting behind some glass case like the old superintendent did. I don't remember her ever asking any of us what we thought about education.

I don't have the answer to Alexander wanting a raise, but I think we are doing a good job at making this Northerner a celebrity and missing the real thing that's going on. He's an outsider and he wants to change things, and if that makes him seem arrogant, that's all right by me. A real Southerner makes you feel welcome, so welcome to Hernando County, Dr. Alexander; some of us appreciate the change.

R. Cody, Spring Hill

Re: Superintendent's proposed pay raise

Funding requests miss the mark

This makes me sick to my stomach. It is unbelievable that our schools function at all. For some unknown reason, this school administration and board believe we (the taxpayers of this county) can fund anything they put on the table. When did they lose focus of the most important aspects of our schools? Maybe they never had it.

There are only three things that are critical to our kids getting a good education: Teachers, students and their parents/guardians. Without solid input from all three, our kids are lost.

There is no way you can convince me that spending $60-million on a state-of-the-art school, or $90,000 a year on an assistant superintendent, or electronic speaker systems, or dress codes, or reshuffling principals and support staff is going to ensure our kids are educated properly and prepared for life.

I would love to have a plasma TV in my living room, a GPS system in my car, a housekeeper to clean my house, a full-time tutor for my kids and a computer in every room in my house, but I can't afford it, and neither can this county afford to foot luxuries and excessive salaries because someone says, "This would be good."

Good for whom? Put the money and support where it's needed the most. Hire more teachers, get more textbooks, work on getting parents and students involved, and stop wasting money. This administration is putting a huge burden on us and it's time to say no.

We can't afford this. Go to the meetings and speak out.

Robert Neuhausen,

Spring Hill

New Hernando superintendent brings needed change 05/05/08 [Last modified: Monday, May 12, 2008 2:11pm]
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