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New ordinance allowing police to impound cars is a terrible idea

New ordinance is a terrible idea

I think people should take off a city ordinance that would allow the police to impound your car if they can hear your music within 25 feet.

I am 30 years old. I listen to country music, and it is never blasting out of my car. Loud bass really gets on my nerves. However, I think the implications of allowing a law like this to pass could be far-reaching.

This is a law that allows a vehicle to be impounded on a first offense. Then you go before a special master (What the heck is that?) who is supposed to judge whether you are guilty. Just how does he do this? Will the officers be equipped with decibel meters to prove their case? No, it will be a matter of one person’s word against another’s and one of the people is a police officer. Who do you think they will believe?

What happens when they decide to immediately impound your car for speeding, or having a tail light out? Not too far-fetched. This is a ploy for the city to get more money, and if you can’t see it you are blind. I cannot believe so many citizens think it is a good idea to impound a vehicle on the first offense for any reason barring drunken driving or drugs in the car.

Please people, really think about this before you decide its a good idea.

Kelly Eikenberry, Brooksville

Re: County shelter is not a no-kill venue

Research options for precious pets

Let this be a lesson to anyone giving their precious animals up. Do your homework. There are many other avenues and assistance out there other than the county shelters. There are several rescue groups (just use Google) that take pets. From there, the owner can do a home check to prospective adoptive parents to make sure their pet has a good home.

Spread the word. We all have got to be more proactive with our and our neighbors pets. Bad times can happen to anyone.

Shara Wahl, Weeki Wachee

Pets deserve our full commitment

I was heartbroken to read the letter from the Dade City woman regarding her dog being euthanized at Hernando County Animal Services. This is a tragic example of the public’s lack of awareness regarding animal welfare and the options available to them.

Hernando County Animal Services has never promoted itself as a no-kill shelter. It is a county agency charged with enforcing the local code ordinances, which sadly includes the euthanasia of homeless pets when their facility is full. My guess is that Mrs. Rice’s veterinarian was referring to several of the no-kill animal shelters in Hernando County such as the Hernando SPCA or the Humane Society of the Nature Coast.

It is important for the public to do its homework and understand the all the options for animal surrender. In this economy, animals are being surrendered and abandoned at an alarming rate. As soon as there is an available kennel it becomes occupied immediately. This is happening all across the country.

It is important for families to do everything in their power to keep their pets with their family. Animal shelters offer referrals and suggestions to help solve many of the problems that result in the surrender of a pet.

Every pet should have the basic training to live in harmony in their family and in their neighborhood. This is an important factor to consider when adopting a pet. Preventative health care is also an expense that a pet parent should anticipate. Rabies shots, flea control and heart worm preventative are the basic essentials along with spay/neuter procedures. Most animal rescue shelters provide the basic inoculations and spay/neuter services for all pets that they adopt out to the public.

A pet is a major commitment and these are important issues to consider before adopting a pet. A pet is for life.

Joanne Schoch, Executive Director, Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Spring Hill

Let’s all work to be great again

What’s happening in this country and particularly in this state? What’s going on? Every time I look at the newspaper all I see are rapes, robberies, thefts and rising unemployment. This is the greatest country on the face of this globe, or at least it used to be, and all we have is government mishandling things.

We have to get back on track. If someone doesn’t have a job, get him or her one. If they don’t know how, train them. There should be no such thing as unemployment. Unemployment was back in the days of the Great Depression. We have to get back to the point where we’re eager to know something or know how something works and to keep at it. We can’t afford to just cruise by. Technology is moving too fast and we have to catch it, before it passes us by. If you’re old enough to purchase a gun, then you’re old enough to join the armed services and put it to some good use overseas instead of using it on your neighbor, in some drive-by shooting or to kill a neighbor’s pet.

We used to have the greatest, most popular country on the planet. Let’s try to get it back.

Michael A. Meisse, Spring Hill

New ordinance allowing police to impound cars is a terrible idea 05/19/09 [Last modified: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:46pm]
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