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New Port Richey mayor's words crossed the line

Mayor must resign for his egregious behavior | July 28 editorial

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Mayor's words crossed the line

Thank you for your editorial calling for the resignation of the mayor of New Port Richey. If what I am reading is true, and I have no reason not to believe it is true at this point, my main concern is that a deputy was accused of possible sexual assault. I am sure that in an effort to protect his wife the mayor would request a female deputy for transport — perhaps the single female deputy that the mayor was attempting humor with as his concerns for his wife mounted.

Whatever transpired in the exchange between the mayor, his wife and the deputies on the scene, it would seem to me that everyone would be concerned with avoiding the possible pending litigation that was mentioned. The mayor seemed to want to make sure that the deputies knew that his wife is a much more important human being than, say, me. I guess a sexual assault against a "Moon Lake bitch" is not as serious a crime against women as a assault against the mayor's wife.

How dare any one, public official or not, degrade any woman and think that some mea culpa would give enough indulgence to save his reputation.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

City doesn't need mayor's problems

Mayor Scott McPherson should do the city of New Port Richey a favor and resign. The city has too many important issues to deal with and doesn't need a mayor with problems.

Mr. McPherson has lost all credibility with the police and the community and needs to leave office and focus on recovering from whatever his problem is. Kudos to the police dispatcher and the deputy for not punching Mr. McPherson in the nose.

The deputy ought to sue Mr. McPherson, an attorney, for slander.

Sue Martinson, Hudson

Momentary lapse should be excused

As Mayor Scott McPherson's parents, we do not condone his behavior in the way he reacted in a state of anxiety over the welfare of his wife, Kim, in the incident which occurred at Grille 54. However, we recognize that Scott, like the rest of us, is not perfect. We are certain that everyone understands that human beings have many frailties which include sub-surface emotions that are ordinarily kept under control by the standards of civility, rectitude and decorum that we are taught to observe but which nevertheless will erupt during a time of momentary panic. That's what this is all about.

Scott is not a quitter. He didn't quit when he was a young paramedic firefighter. Scott did not quit when, with a young family to support, he struggled and achieved an education. He has not quit or shirked his duties as a dedicated, untiring and persevering advocate for his clients in his law practice.

Scott did not quit when he shouldered multiple duties and responsibilities as a community leader, including his exemplary service in the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club where he was honored as Rotarian of the Year.

Scott has served as the mayor of New Port Richey in a dedicated, conscientious and energetic manner for the well-being of the citizens of this community without regard for his own gain or comfort. His judgment in matters of the public business that have come before the City Council is in the minutes at City Hall. There is no evidence of any abuse of office or dereliction of duty in that respect.

This incident arose out of a marital spat and a slap resulting in the formal arrest of Kim. Scott panicked, blew his top, suffered a lapse of his composure and self discipline and shouted words and characterizations that included indiscreet locker room talk that are not otherwise part of his normal lexicon.

We support Scott's decision to remain as mayor of New Port Richey. His decades of dedicated service as a husband and father, as well as his professional and community service, are not to be cast aside and trampled upon because of a brief lapse of judgment which arose out of concern for the welfare of Kim, who was formally arrested in the manner of a dangerous felon for what amounted to a minor marital tiff.

Ann and Jack McPherson, New Port Richey

Garbage can rental fee annoys

Monday, I had my garbage can picked up. Why should this be of importance? It was not my regular garbage pickup day, but it was the day that Waste Services of Florida was picking up a garbage can they had been renting me for several years.

This is a situation other customers of Waste Services of Florida should be aware of. I received an e-mail recently from another resident in Foxwood who discovered this. We then called and got the same startling information.

Before Waste Services of Florida took over our trash collection, the previous company only sent us a postcard-like bill with only the monthly amount due. Now that this other company has taken over, we receive a bill with the breakdown of services on it. We recently saw that we are being charged $10.38 per quarter for a "cart fee." We called to see what exactly this fee was and found out that we are being charged to rent our trash can.

Since moving into Foxwood almost three years ago, we have been paying for the cart fee each quarter. That means that we have paid $124.56 for this trash can rental so far. I was in complete shock to find this out. The amount is obviously higher if someone has been a customer for a longer period of time. If every house in Foxwood pays this fee every quarter, that means that the trash company is making about $37,783 profit annually, just on trash can rental fees.

When we called for our trash service originally, we never requested a garbage can. The can arrived at our house with no request or statement of cost with a contract. We thought it was a part of their customer service. Wow, how we were fooled. We already had two heavy duty trash cans and a third was truly not necessary. We called the company to see if someone could purchase the trash can that they have been renting for the past three years and to my surprise they said, no.

The county commissioners and county should also be aware of these add-ons since they set the maximum rate a company can charge for trash removal. These companies should be held accountable for their business practices and should be more transparent with their charges. Any bill for services rendered, whether they are from a utility company or trash-removal service, should be required by the county to show the complete charges for services rendered.

Shawn Foster, Trinity

Malls should have air conditioning

I am a retiree living in Zephyrhills. How I miss not having an air conditioned shopping mall to walk around in and to shop in. I would like to spend time walking around the Shoppes at Wiregrass mall and enjoy shopping in all the stores there, but I cannot walk around in all the heat and sun.

How can people enjoy shopping in stores when the weather is bad? The owners must think they are saving money by not having to pay for an enclosed air-conditioned mall, but whenever I go, the stores are empty.

When building all these new malls they are planning, please remember to make them all enclosed and air conditioned. The stores would be packed with customers and make lots of money. People don't want to walk around in the elements just to go from store to store to do shopping.

Ann Quinn, Zephyrhills

David Neal's work appreciated

We want to express our condolences to the Neal family and to thank David Neal for all he did in our community for people who are mentally challenged.

We were thrilled that our son, when he turned 18, was given the chance to move out of the school system, where he had both successes and challenges, to the Red Apple program. Everybody believed he would do better and learn more there.

The Red Apple staff are wonderful people, dedicated to helping these people learn, grow and have fun. It is a wonderful program that Mr. Neal founded and we're sure the other 118 families would join us in saying, "Thanks for a job well done.''

Paula and Barry Cohen, New Port Richey

Give the sheriff money to do job

Sheriff Bob White is criticized for asking for more money to run the Sheriff's Office for Pasco County, then criticized for not having deputies here, there and everywhere. But no one wants to give him more money to run his department or to do his job properly.

My corner in Angus Valley is the neighborhood drug buy-and-sell corner. Daily. Give the sheriff the money he needs to do his job or else be quiet and take what you get.

Not allowing enough money for growth is ridiculous. The Sheriff's Office has to grow with the county. Unfortunately, with growth comes higher crime and the sheriff will need money to control it.

Virginia C. Campbell, Wesley Chapel

Sheriff's budget request justified

I support Sheriff Bob White's budget request. We need more deputies. These men and women are overworked.

We must take crime off the street. We must protect our children, women and our senior citizens.

Franklin D. Stockmeister, Zephyrhills

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