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New trash hauler doesn't care about customers

Republic doesn't care for customers

Count me as one of those Hernando County residents dissatisfied with the performance of our new trash hauler Republic.

I live in Seven Hills, a deed restricted community in the heart of Spring Hill. I chose to live here because of how nicely it is kept. Each year, I willingly pay homeowner association fees and must obey many rules that keep Seven Hill looking good. I constantly have to wash my sidewalk, roof, can't park my car on the street, can't change the color of my house without approval. However, a new problem has erupted because of our new trash hauler.

Waste Management used to pick up our trash between 6 and 7 a.m. Republic now picks up our trash between 4 and 5 p.m., which means not only do trash cans remain on the street all day, which is unsightly, but overflowing garbage is now blowing down several streets for 11 hours a day. I have noticed this on both trash pickup days. Some of us still work, and are unable to bring in our empty garbage cans after 9 a.m.

I doubt that Republic will alter their routes to accommodate Seven Hills residents. But, if it could switch the order of pick up to a more timely one, one which most county residents were used to, this would eliminate the problem, at least in Seven Hills and Weeki Wachee.

Republic's mission statement is " … to create sustainable economic value for all Republic stakeholders." Do you think the company is concerned about a small county of 160,000 such as ours; or are they only concerned with making money for their shareholders? How long do you think it will be before they request to raise rates?

Admit the mistake and bring back Waste Management, and make everyone (except Republic) happy.

Mike Grab, Spring Hill

Trash pickup savings worth it

I am tired of all the complaining about Republic services. The County Commission (finally) did something to save us some money.

While I had no problem with Central Carting, Republic is doing a good job too.

Our trash day changed and we missed a pickup because of it as the literature arrived late and was not very clear. I imagine that happened to others. Let's all get over it.

Rick Grunwald, Brooksville

Elected officials cowardly to leave

So most of the civic leaders and constitutional officers who are elected and have been around for years are opting for a nice pension. No surprise as they didn't want to burn all their buddies with lower wages, layoffs and reduced hospitalization like the rest of the county has suffered.

Well, fare thee well. Hopefully you will enjoy the fruits of your bloodsucking political ways. Don't forget to donate back some of the blood you sucked out of the taxpayers in Hernando County.

Your exit has nothing to do with the Tea Party. It only has to do with your cowardice. In theory you could have helped the former county administrator, David Hamilton, but you stuck it to him, refusing to cooperate in any way. You let him take the fall for you. Now the voters will say no to all your recommended replacements and the appointed sheriff too.

Goodbye to all of you. Enjoy your early retirement.

Doug Adams, Spring Hill

Quick response saved husband

On Jan. 26, my husband went for a regularly scheduled CAT scan. This time he had an allergic response. The doctors at Advanced Imaging had an immediate response. My husband was given life support. He was near death.

Thanks to the quick action of Advanced Imaging, EMT/paramedics, doctors and nurses at Oak Hill Hospital, he survived.

These people will never know how much I appreciate their actions in keeping my husband alive.

Patricia Wood, Brooksville

Bill dangerous to homeowners

This week the Florida House of Representatives is poised to take up HB 245, which is scheduled to be considered today on the House floor. This bill is intended to remove policyholders from Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and make unregulated surplus lines companies available as an alternative insurance company. This is a dangerous bill to consumers because it will take away many protections that Citizens policyholders currently enjoy.

The Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) was created by the Florida Legislature to handle claims of insurance companies that have become insolvent. This bill could put policyholders into companies that are not members of the FIGA. Without the protections of the FIGA, if a company goes under, the homeowner will be left holding the bag for any outstanding claims.

Surplus lines companies do not need to meet the requirements of the specific documents and forms that regulated companies must meet. This means there could potentially be very bad provisions in policies of which the consumer may not even be aware.

Perhaps most importantly, insurance premiums of surplus line companies are not regulated by the Office of Insurance Regulation. To put it simply, surplus lines companies can raise premiums at will. The state has no ability to stop surplus lines companies from raising rates at any time and by any amount.

I strongly encourage every policyholder who is covered by Citizens, and who does not want to be pushed into a surplus lines company, to contact your House member immediately and tell him or her to vote against HB 245. It is imperative that you act quickly before this bill is passed by the Florida House.

Sen. Mike Fasano, New Port Richey

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