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Nielsen doesn't deserve Oldsmar's support

Re: Oldsmar, Nielsen talks take more positive tone, story, June 22

Nielsen doesn't deserve support

Once again the City Council of Oldsmar has given in to big business rather than support its citizens who elected them.

Of course, the Chamber of Commerce/Horrors has entered the fray and you know who they would support. Sure wouldn't be labor. They're one of the reasons Florida has such a low wage structure in the first place.

Now as to Nielsen being the largest employer in the city, how can that be when they're firing their longtime employees? Having Tata Consultancy Services supply employees from India does not make Nielsen an employer, only a renter of bodies.

How can anyone in their right mind justify giving such backing to such a bad citizen as Nielsen?

You know we are now facing what could become the worst era of this great country since the Great Depression. And if companies such as Nielsen are allowed to continue to bend the rules to suit themselves, there's sure to be hell to pay someday for us all.

It's time for the Republican-leaning Oldsmar City Council to wake up. It's time for the business world to do the right thing for this country. They have a responsibility to be good citizens too, and this thing with Tata isn't it.

Also, I take great umbrage that our citizens should be welcoming these Tata workers. I will not welcome anyone who affects my family's security. Let's see how City Council member Eric Seidel feels if he gets kicked to the curb. Personally, I'd just as soon have Nielsen pack up and leave. Maybe we can then get a company that really wants to be a good community asset.

Robert Murray, Oldsmar

Representatives need to speak up

Saw a very disturbing report on CNN Sunday night. It was about how the Nielsen Co. has double-crossed the city of Oldsmar by outsourcing employees to India, having the replaced employees train the new employees from India.

Probably the most disturbing was that CNN contacted the offices of U.S. Sens. Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez and U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis without getting a reply from any one of them.

Why do we continue to elect these people that don't have any more respect for their citizens of Florida?

As a resident of Dunedin, we realized how to be back stabbed by Nielsen when they deserted our community some years ago and their former building here is still standing vacant.

When is our government going to put an end to this type of indifference by big American employers?

Ron Bowman, Dunedin

Give Harborview Center a new role

As a resident of Pinellas County, I have been to the Harborview Center in Clearwater for several events. It seems to serve a community purpose as a venue for smaller functions such as the Festival of Trees at Christmas. Shutting it down will only lead to more desolation in downtown Clearwater.

How about considering something useful in alleviating traffic and parking at Clearwater Beach? Parking at the center could be used for a ferry that could take passengers from the mainland to the beach, perhaps with stops at the Clearwater Aquarium and Island Estates as well.

The center itself could house a ticketing booth for purchase of ferry tickets and parking fees, while still allowing for conventions of some sort, however small.

Pickles Plus could stay at the site, providing a convenient place for tourists and locals to dine.

Bernadette Menz, Safety Harbor

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