Saturday, February 24, 2018
Letters To The Editor

No-helmet law makes no sense

Re: Deadly trend: No helmets for motorcyclists (tbt* April 8)

In the last line of this article, Jeff Hennie of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation says, "We believe that the government should not tell you to wear a helmet." Really? I guess he may have a point — stupid is stupid, no matter what and you can't change stupid. The government can say we have to wear a seat belt, it saves lives, but you can ride a motorcycle at 100 mph down the road, weaving in and out of traffic and doing wheelies and feel the wind in your hair, but oh how tragic that you crashed and your brains are now scattered on the road!

Elizabeth Souhrada, Pinellas Park

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Florida does have a large population of motorcycle riders and most of them follow the laws of the road. However, there are those who speed in and out of traffic at rush hour. I am required by law to wear a seat belt in my car, which offers a lot more protection than a motorcycle. How does it make sense that a rider on a motorcycle isn't required to wear a helmet?

Mandy Chambers, Tampa

Hang up the keys

Re: Why is this woman still driving? (email to the editor, April 7)

I agree with email writer Heather Nelson, Why was this 79-year-old woman who ran over and killed three people slapped on the wrist? She should not have been driving in the first place. She stood in front of the judge with a walker. If she needs a walker, then her coordination is most likely off. After a certain age, a road test should be mandatory every six months.

Stephen Gregory, Tampa

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