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No one would give up their government benefits

Griping seniors, don't be selfish | March 28 letter

No one would give up benefits

I agree wholeheartedly with this excellent letter. Why is it that government programs are good if they benefit me, but we don't want other groups to share in them?

I haven't researched it as yet, but I'm sure that there was plenty of negativity concerning the passage of the Social Security bill back in 1935, also. But, would all those who want to turn back the clock and stop their Social Security payments please stand. And what about Medicare? I don't remember having met anyone who decried the benefits received from Medicare.

Esther Bender, Spring Hill

Make land a park for the residents

At the March 30 meeting of the Pasco County Board of Commissioners, the meeting room was filled with residents of Heritage Springs. They voiced multiple concerns about the proposed sports complex on Trinity Boulevard, adjacent to the fire station and sheriff's substation and to the Heritage Springs community. Among the residents' concerns are traffic on Trinity Boulevard, light and noise pollution, the environmental impact of paving 280 plus parking spaces, current problems with ground-water drainage in the area, degradation of quality of life, and using land designated for a passive park as a commercial venture to be used by a commercial company.

Please, commissioners, use the land for something the residents of the Trinity area can and would use. Make it the passive park. Install picnic tables and a children's playground with swings and slides and other things on which our grandchildren can play; where the adults can have a picnic while supervising the children, without having to purchase calorie-filled fast food.

Jean Seeler-Gifford, Trinity

Some criminals shouldn't get bail

I read over and over again about these criminals that commit multiple crimes and get out on inexpensive bail. What on earth are they thinking?

Something is seriously wrong with this system. Please start printing the name of the judges who set the bail.

Margo Robison, New Port Richey

No one wants to control pit bulls

Three weeks ago, my neighbor's cat was killed by two dogs. Then, just last week, these two dogs got out again and tried to kill another cat. Animal Services was called, but never showed up. Now, my cat was killed by two different dogs (pit bulls). Animal Services was called and yet again, they didn't show up, even after they said they were on their way and told me they had other complaints on these same animals.

All these cats were in their own yards and these dogs were out running the streets terrorizing not only the animals, but kids and adults as well.

Why does Animal Services refuse to come out and help? Will it take a child to get seriously hurt for someone to do something? Why is it when you call the police to try to make a formal complaint, so you have documentation, in case you or your child get bit, they tell you it isn't their problem? Well, when does it become their problem?

I hope the people who own those two pit bulls are proud of themselves for not being responsible, and for causing this family a lot of pain.

Tracy Phillips, Holiday

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