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No pay for Pasco's truant School Board member

No pay for truant board member

In light of the latest missed meeting by Cathi Martin, I agree that the School Board members shouldn't get paid when they don't attend.

If we are going to pay these School Board members $37,000 a year, they should at least have to earn it! Can they really justify getting paid that amount of money for working less than a classroom teacher?

Kudos to Allen Altman and Frank Parker for stating that they will give back money if they cut school employee salaries. As far as Cathi Martin agreeing to the same thing — she should give it all back.

Kim Cherry, New Port Richey

Don't overlook the environment

It is difficult to remain silent while billions of dollars are being spent to simulate the economy and it appears that little or nothing has been allocated toward cleaning the environment. Are our elected officials and government employees aware of their environmental responsibilities and the status of the environment?

The pollution of our inland waterways and shores causes the closing of local beaches and parks for more than half of each year. This indicates that something is lacking.

I would like to know the status of the Buckeye Paper Mill's application to discharge effluent 50 miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Can something be done to clear up the reported dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River? Will a healthy environment produce greater real estate values? Updating our surface water controls, adding more settlement ponds and increasing the size of building lots could be a step in the right direction.

Perhaps the Civilian Conservation Corps of the President Franklin D. Roosevelt era should be revived. This would provide employment as well as the necessary cleanup. Do the local real estate boards, builders association and political party organizations maintain environmental committees to keep the public educated about the problems? If not, why not?

Patrick Raimond, Port Richey

Woman's attitude not encouraging

I am the mother of two girls, 8 and 5. My 8-year-old is a very thoughtful, caring person. She is very compliant when it comes to most things but needs a little motivation to read books on her level. So we give her a financial incentive to read. She has saved this money and spends it very infrequently. On Valentine's Day, she wanted to buy balloons for some older folks that we know —one in an assisted living facility, one in a hospital, and a neighbor.

She gathered some of her change and counted it before we left the house. She had $3.48 in change and she and her sister picked three balloons at the store. At the counter, I helped my daughter by dumping her change purse, then backed away. I knew she knew how to do this.

There was an older woman who came into the line as my daughter was counting her money and asked if she needed anything. I quietly said she is practicing. She told me that my daughter should practice at home!

Of course, I did find it in me to tell her: "No, she can practice right here in the real world, it is okay, really." At that point, my daughter had completed her transaction with the sales clerk and we went on our way. We spent the rest of the day delivering the balloons.

I am so proud of my daughter for being such a thoughtful child. But I am appalled at the woman's comment to me that day. What if our doctors or good Samaritans only practiced at home? What good would that do? This entire transaction might have taken 20 extra seconds.

Have we gotten to the point in our society that we cannot even allow a child 20 seconds of our time? Now ask yourself, can you take 20 seconds out of your life when you see a child doing something good to say something nice or encouraging?

A positive comment reinforces positive behavior and positive behavior makes the world a better place. Please look for opportunities to catch kids doing good.

Debby Jenkins, Hudson

No pay for Pasco's truant School Board member 03/05/09 [Last modified: Thursday, March 5, 2009 6:04pm]
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