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No-wake zone at mouth of Anclote River is unnecessary

No-wake zone is unnecessary

Before the no-wake zone bandwagon comes together again to fight for a no-wake zone, listen up first! Are the people proposing a no-wake zone at the mouth of the Anclote River boaters? I doubt it. I believe this should only be decided by Anclote River boaters.

This wide and deep part of the river mouth where it enters the Gulf of Mexico is where a public boat ramp is. Boaters entering the channel need to yield to oncoming boats, just like cars entering the highway.

I boat every weekend on the Anclote River and, naturally, I feel terrible about the accident there, but most accidents stem from driver error. These boats are not speeding out the river, most are just on plane. There is a big difference. The problem is not the boats that travel east-west-east at the mouth of the river, but it is the boats entering the channel from the boat ramp. Instead of many of them entering the channel and getting on plane, most of them I witness idle into the channel.

It's like merging onto Interstate 75 driving only 25 mph when the other cars are going 70 mph. If you enter the interstate only going 25 mph, there will be accidents. Would you drop the speed on I-75 down to 25 mph at each ramp? You have to speed up getting on the highway. Likewise, you have to speed up when entering the channel.

I propose a sign at the boat ramp stating "Resume speed when entering the channel" so everyone is moving at the same speed, just like on the highway. This is Boating 101.

The river is very long and a no-wake zone in that deep, traveling channel there is not needed. To prevent accidents, inexperienced boaters should take safety classes, learn their rights-of-way, and pay more attention when on the water and there will be less accidents.

Jim D'Piazza, Holiday

Vendors trying to make a living

The other day I was driving up State Road 52 heading east. I was getting a little hungry so I thought I would stop at my favorite hot dog stand for a bit and talk with the owner. He is a Yankees fan and I am a Red Sox fan, so it is a fun conversation. To my surprise I couldn't see his stand, but then I caught sight of the owner holding a sign advertising his business.

I had to turn around in order to go back (great for his business huh?) and I asked him what was going on. He told me Pasco County tried to shut him down! He told me someone complained that he was breaking an ordinance on outdoor hot dog vendors.

So the brilliant minds are at it again. Here is a guy who has been in business since I can remember, paid for all permits, taxes and any other fees, and they try to shut him down. I asked what about the other vendors at Home Depot and Lowe's that are outdoors? I was told because they are in front of bigger businesses they are okay.

I am not complaining about the other stands. I'm happy they are trying to make a living! But who do the leaders of Pasco think they are? I guess when you make $90,000 a year, who cares about the small guy, right? To punish the small businessman and not allow a guy on their property to sell hot dogs but to allow the big businesses to do it is just wrong.

These are little guys just trying to make a buck. Someone needs to help these small-business people.

Mike Morelli, Port Richey

Pasco schools need an overhaul

I disagree with your Oct. 10 editorial to vote "yes'' on the school property tax referendum. The Pasco County School District needs an overhaul, starting at the top. Before voters say yes, they need to demand an outside audit of the district's administration to see why there is a continuous call for more money.

It will not end. It will continue each year. When a principal is removed from her position at a school because of her actions, why was a new position developed to give her another position? A new position at around $90,000 a year?

What are we taxpayers paying for? For an administration mired in inept decisions and mishandling of current affairs?

They shouldn't use "poor teachers" who have had no raises as an incentive. What about the fact the teachers actually do have a job? How many wish they had a job, any job? The school district needs an outside audit. and if money is the only concern of the teachers, they need to find other work or get a part-time job.

Stay out of my pocket until you can prove you deserve what little I have.

Christina Ennist,

New Port Richey

Reward for stolen campaign signs

I am a volunteer for the Republican Party of Pasco. I support Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate and Pam Bondi for attorney general. Their campaign signs are posted throughout Pasco County. The signs are 4 feet by 8 feet. On six separate occasions, the signs were stolen from Brew City Restaurant on U.S. 19 and State Farm Insurance at 5224 U.S. 19, both in New Port Richey. These signs are on private property.

The Republican Party of Pasco pays $125 to the city of New Port Richey to permit posting of these campaign signs. It is a crime to remove or destroy any legal campaign sign. Police reports have been filed with the New Port Richey Police Department.

I am offering a $1,000 reward for the identity, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. Please report any information to the New Port Richey Police Department.

Dennis Bonfiglio, Hudson

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