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No way to say thank you enough to good Samaritans in Pasco

They stopped to help a stranger

This past week my dog was hit and killed by a car on Shady Hills Road. A man and his son in a minivan stopped to help me. He gave me a blanket to wrap the dog and drove me to the animal clinic. The two of them drove me back to my car, wouldn't give me their names or any information, we shook hands and left and he told me I would be in his prayers.

These were strangers who took the time and effort to comfort someone in a desperate situation. To say thanks is insufficient. The way I will try to repay their kindness is by helping another stranger if the occasion arises.

The example that the father has set for his son is commendable, and I have to add the example he set for this 62-year-old man is one that could never be forgotten or repaid.

Dan Green, Spring Hill

Re: A day as a farm laborer teaches lessons about immigrant jobs | Aug. 15, Dan DeWitt column

Assimilation vs. manipulation

Dan DeWitt is so myopic and biased without real insight.

I was born and raised in Yuma, Ariz. My entire side of my family on my mom's side is Mexican. They learned to speak English at home and graduated from high school. Unlike this new generation of immigrants who never bother learning English and do not allow their children to speak English in their homes, it's a cultural thing.

Their children are sent to the U.S. schools saddled by their parents with these obvious limitations and they slow up and degrade the U.S. public education system. As for the work: Had you given yourself enough time, your body would have adjusted. In high school I worked with Mexican crews in the cantaloupe fields for two summers. It was, rough, 120-degree heat, 10-hour days that started at 4 a.m. every morning. Yes, it is tough work but then I became a college gymnast and that training was even tougher, believe me.

Let's get real on the poor illegal immigrants who are lying and raping our economic, social, educational, and penal systems. The employers are equally at fault, not more, but equally. And those illegals who have received any money from any of our Social Security systems or used illegal or stolen documents should be deported immediately and never allowed citizenship in the United States. It is not a racist thing, it is what is right for the survival of the people who have paid into our systems and are having to sit there watching illegals steal their money right before their eyes.

Newspapers like yours, do not educate. You drag a red herring hoping no one will notice. Well, here in Arizona, we are not racist (ask my family), we have lived with all races but this new group of immigrants is not the same, they are illegals who have no intention of assimilating. Open your eyes.

Linda Farrar, Yuma, Ariz.

Re: GOP drives Fasano away

Fasano cares about the people

Let me tell you about my brief experience with Mike Fasano. It was in March 1995 when there was a proposal to eliminate the Guardian ad Litem program where people like myself volunteer to protect abused innocent children.

This House Bill 1641 was to eliminate the volunteers and pass the responsibilities on to attorneys. Well, I received a telephone call from then Rep. Mike Fasano, who gladly listened to my point of view. Guess what? On March 31, 1995, I received a letter from him stating, "I will keep an eye on this legislation as it moves through the House of Representatives." He thanked me for sharing my thoughts and told me not to hesitate to call him.

On May 23, I received a letter from Mike wanting me to know that this bill never made it out of the committee. He appreciated my time to contact him.

So Pasco GOP Chairman Randy Maggard and State Committeeman Bill Bunting, perhaps you should think a bit more about Mike's constitutional rights. Mike is a guy concerned about helping people. By the way, I am a registered Democrat and vote for people who truly care.

Estelle Rodman, Bayonet Point

Fasano's words were not mine

I am deeply concerned with the context of a quote from my colleague Sen. Mike Fasano, which seemed to attribute thoughts and comments to me as chairman instead of making clear that they were opinions held by him.

It is unfortunate that the construction of the final paragraph of this story conveys attribution of what I consider disrespectful remarks about a member of the state executive committee to me personally, rather than to the person who made those remarks. While that statement may reflect Sen. Fasano's views based on his experiences with the local party members, I have the utmost respect for the body of dedicated Republican grass roots leaders who elected me as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, and felt it was essential to clarify this issue to any members of the committee, or other readers who may have been offended by the comments.

Senate President John Thrasher, Jacksonville

No way to say thank you enough to good Samaritans in Pasco 08/18/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 5:24pm]
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