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Northwood Estates' Halloween was a treat

This Halloween was a great treat

Halloween this year in the Northwood Estates neighborhood of Countryside was one of the greatest ever! The weather was perfect. Several homes near me had yards decorated with cobwebs, skulls and orange lights.

I settled in my driveway at 6:15 p.m. dressed as a Saudi Arabian prince wearing a long white robe called a thawb and a Royal Saudi red and white head scarf called a shumagh — articles I brought back from an official visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, many years ago.

My first trick-or-treaters were next-door neighbor twins, Adam and Eva, together with their mom and grandmother. The almost 2-year-old twins were naturally somewhat bedazzled with all the goings-on. Then followed for two hours a steady stream of impressively costumed tots with accompanying adults, tweeners and teenagers afoot and on skateboards. All were well-mannered and remembered their thank-yous. I admired myriad small princesses, bumblebees, scary monsters, etc., among the younger set, while the teenagers included handsome fanged Draculas, beautiful witches, and nubile young ladies with glamorous outfits, hairdos and makeup worthy of a Hollywood opening night.

Neighbor Harvey Huber, a longtime Clearwater police volunteer, conducted a continuous safety patrol throughout the area in a white Clearwater police pickup truck. Our canine friends weren't forgotten. I gave out dog biscuits to a sleek 65-pound hound named Spaulding and a sweet beagle named Molly.

My candy supply was almost 350 pieces, but it ran out by 8:30. As I headed indoors, I recalled my nearly 80 years of Halloween celebrations, and I decided that Halloween 2010 was one of the very best.

Bill Schwob, Clearwater

Good Samaritan went extra mile

My wife and I walk every morning around the 142nd Avenue and ICOT Boulevard area. She walks alone because I walk too early for her.

Friday she got her feet tangled up on some broken branches and fell to the sidewalk and could not get back up. Along came a young lady who not only helped her up but brought her home more than a mile away. I only gave her a quick thank you because I needed to get my wife to the emergency room for a dislocated and broken hand.

There are a lot of good people in the world, and thank God one of them was driving by that morning. Thank you again.

Steve and Deloris Coley, Clearwater

Small accident, large response

Recently, I was walking on the Dunedin Causeway. A person on a WaveRunner ran his vessel into a friend. I witnessed an emergency response. I saw two ambulances, two fire captains, three fire trucks, seven Pinellas sheriff's vehicles, one Florida Highway Patrol car, two marine response boats and a helicopter. There were also other official-looking vehicles.

In a time of budget constraints, I feel it is not in the taxpayers' best interest to support this kind of bloated response. The county is using reserves to support it now. Get real.

Walt Meyers, Clearwater

Re: Beyond tests and books, story | Oct. 24

Principal errs on grammar

Interesting piece. Even more so, considering the grammatical error by the principal/founder Barbara Bedingfield. She is quoted, "So the child can fill it with their imagination."

"Child" is a singular noun. "Their" is a plural possessive pronoun. And never the twain should meet. "So the children can fill it with their imagination," and "So the child can fill it with his/her imagination," are proper.

Physician, heal thyself!

Jack Wilhite, Clearwater

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