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Note to Pasco County School Board member Cathi Martin: If you can't show up, quit the job

Can't show up? Don't keep the job

We have a teacher battling cancer who shows up for work every day.

We have a School Board member that finds every excuse possible to not show up for work.

Cathi Martin do the right thing and resign.

Bruce Edgar, New Port Richey

Complain to your representatives

In times like these we don't need to pay double for the water we get. Jasmine Lakes rates went up the same amount as Palm Terrace.

My water bill was just under $100 and we buy drinking water because we can't stand to drink what we get from Aqua Utilities.

How can our representatives let this happen? Our electric bill was exactly half of the cost of water. For two people, this is outrageous.

Please, do as a letter writer suggested, and contact Sen. Mike Fasano and Rep. John Legg. This kind of thoughtlessness is uncalled for.

Donna Herrick, Port Richey

Using less water but paying more

I am elated that so many others are railing against the latest money-grab by Aqua Utilities. We cut down our water use from 3,300 gallons per month to 1,800 due to the drought and the rate increase and we were appalled when we saw our latest bill! The problem is this "sewer base facility charge" which went up from $19.91 to $34.96 month, regardless of use.

When I called Aqua and inquired about this charge I was told that it was administrative and when I pressed it further I was told "we were granted that, you should have received the notice." Administration of what? The utility doesn't even send a person to read the meter anymore but merely relies on someone driving down the street scanning the meter from their vehicle.

As far as I recall those sewers were installed in the 1970s way before there was even an Aqua Utilities. Can someone explain why I have to pay this charge in order to drink water that failed the last arsenic testing?

Richard Back, Port Richey

Development will mean destruction

The site of the proposed SunWest Harbourtowne project was once a settlement of indigenous people, which is now commonly referred to as Shears Village. In fact, the community was so large it exceeded the boundaries of the mine.

Through the years, evidence of the people living there has all but disappeared. Only one shell mound hasn't been totally destroyed by collectors, development or mining. One partial burial mound is in the Hudson Cemetery. My main concern is the location of the second burial mound mentioned in the archeological surveys. At the recent public hearing, one county commissioner suggested it was the Oldsmar Mound in New Port Richey. I doubt that very much considering the distance.

Other concerns I have are with the loss of the black bear corridor and other wildlife habitat. There is also a great threat to the manatees considering the huge marina that's planned. Another concern is the expense of more schools, roads, police, fire and other public safety needs. Who will pay for these? More than likely it will be passed down to the taxpayers.

Pasco County commissioners shouldn't be so quick to approve everything that comes before them and dollar signs shouldn't blind their vision.

Ruby A. Beaulieu, Port Richey

Chinsegut needs to be preserved

I hope there is no death knell for the glorious nature/retreat center that Chinsegut is. The nature center comprises 408 of the 828 acres that is also a wildlife and environmental area.

More then 20 years ago, when I was earning my master's degree in counseling at the University of South Florida, our class held an in-service, counseling session there. Just to be in the forest setting, with the majestic old manor house, the ancient cemetery, and the markers on trees designating an important part of our heritage, was a privilege. Too often, sites like this are neglected and/or demolished. How sad!

I do hope that USF will work with other public agencies, as Dan Dewitt's column suggests, to preserve this landmark. We are fortunate to have aspects of our heritage and culture available to us. Perhaps this column will bring new interest to Chinsegut. Letters to our state representatives are in order here. Those of us who care about our history, should write to them. Private donations are another way to save this beautiful Florida landscape.

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

Note to Pasco County School Board member Cathi Martin: If you can't show up, quit the job 06/03/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 8:58pm]
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