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Nothing beats Christmas cards in the mailbox

Mailbox holds charm and magic

In this electronic age in which we all live, the demise of the Christmas card that comes in the "snail mail" saddens me. Formerly, every day at this time of the year, my mailbox would have two or three envelopes containing seasonal cards.

So many people on my Christmas card list now only send me e-mail Christmas cards. Thus, I am deprived of the excitement (yes, even at this great age, I still feel excitement) of receiving the envelopes with the pretty stamps on them from all corners of the world.

P-EA (Pre-Electronic Age), I would try to recognize the handwriting on the Christmas card envelope and then enjoy the handwritten note inside telling me in a few short lines family news both good and bad. I am not fond of the "round robin" letter, though. It is the handwritten note on the seasonal card that gives pleasure.

Christmas cards displayed around my living room help to put me in the Christmas spirit. As I glance at them, I think of those dear family and friends who have taken a few minutes to think of me and to send me a "proper" Christmas card.

Gillian Maden, Spring Hill

Re: Officials clash over cleanup | Dec. 16

Smart spending can save our jobs

Previous boards of county commissioners for probably 20 years neglected to clean up hazardous oil contamination at the former Department of Public Works site in Brooksville. The original cost, using county staff, would have been a few thousand dollars. Now, it is $4 million for consultant fees and ground testing with cleanup yet to begin.

Recently, the board of commissioners balanced the general fund budget for 2009-10 by means including staff layoffs. It inflicted distress on employees and families, disrupted library and other services, and increased the high local jobless rate. That $4 million could have covered the cost of continued employment for eight or more laid-off workers for 10 years.

Hernando needs a reorganized board of commissioners competent to deal adequately with issues increasingly complex. Such commissioners should have experience at high levels in successful competitive big businesses. County government is big business. Adoption of overdue charter government would empower citizens to make board reorganization a reality. Election 2010 creeps closer.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

No outsider for superintendent

It seems like every other day an article is being published about someone from out of town looking to bring their baggage with them to Hernando County.

I realize the school district is a public entity, and a public search is required. However, there is enough talent within the district (i.e., Ken Pritz) to localize the search.

Why bring in another winner like Alexander, whose heart was in New England, not here for our children?

Cherie Pannizzo, Weeki Wachee

Hands on wheel, not on cell phone

I am very opposed to drivers using cell phones without hands-free devices.

Between 9 a.m. Dec. 17 and 6 p.m. Dec. 18, I saw four different Hernando County deputies using cell phones while driving, handsets up to their ears and driving with one hand. I think that this needs to be stopped. They are supposed to be role models for everyone, especially our youth. That is not a good example.

I am a strong supporter of the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. They are very fine men and women. However, this just really needs to be stopped now!

Shirley Saxton, Brooksville

Fasano clinic deserves praise

We are losing our humanity and caring about the less fortunate. Some people like the mean-spirited author who commented on the Sen. Mike Fasano clinic forget that we are not all born equal in our abilities and opportunities.

Is he not aware of the lack of jobs for many who want to work? Why is it that so many people are more concerned about the unborn than they are about helping those already alive? The clinic was built to shelter and help those who need it. Mike Fasano is to be complimented, not derided.

P. Hoines, Brooksville

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