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Obama/Biden signs were swiped

Do stolen signs reveal real GOP? | Oct. 30 letter

Obama/Biden signs were swiped

A writer wondered why there were no Democrat signs at the Hudson branch of the Pasco County Library "where each side of the driveway was plastered with Republican signs."

Rest assured there were signs there. My wife and son spent a day placing Obama/Biden signs at the library, the post office and on the road to Hudson Beach. All have disappeared.

Richard Downing, Hudson

SR 56 extension sits unfinished

Just when I thought the State Road 56 extension would be complete to Mansfield Boulevard in Meadow Pointe/Wesley Chapel to relieve traffic on County Line Road, we get another curveball tossed at us.

I understood a few months ago, the SR 56 extension would be completed to Mansfield Boulevard before the Wiregrass mall stores could open. Wrong! After a bike ride on Mansfield, which is paved to SR 56, I found SR 56 to be just a dirt road as far west as you could see, but the Wiregrass stores opened Thursday. What's wrong with this picture?

I found out the state Department of Transportation allowed the mall to open and completion to Mansfield Boulevard would be done by March at the latest. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask March of what year.

Are construction crews gong to work night and day to finish the road like they did to finish the mall? I think not.

Raymond Kobasko, Wesley Chapel

Wrong place for victim's memorial | Oct. 26 letter

Ride in street if display is a bother

The letter about the memorial from friends and family members of Sean A. Reyes was so uncalled for. We do not have his name written in the gutter. Someone wrote it on the street where he lay after the accident.

It's ridiculous that someone can take the time to write how terrible it is to have candles, crosses, flowers, pictures and little figures of motorcycles. Obviously the owner of the property doesn't mind, otherwise it wouldn't be there in the first place. They were the ones who placed the lawn chairs for everyone to sit down and remember.

If it's so terrible to ride your bike on a sidewalk where items are placed in the grass, then ride your bike on the other side of the street. Bikes are meant to be ridden in the street.

Next time you ride your bike there, why don't you please take the time to look at all the nice letters and pictures, and realize what you have in life and what you would like done for yourself when it's your time.

Nicole Lagana, Port Richey

Many came just to listen Oct. 28 article

Black beans good for both parties

Your story questioned why my business, Juan's Black Bean Cafe, catered the media and security officers at the Sen. Joe Biden event since I am a proud Republican. Although I am a proud Republican, I am also a proud citizen, veteran and a business owner.

I run my business honestly and fairly and cater to everyone without preference. Please note that the event's security office was charged and paid full price for the bill of fare. Given that, I fail to understand as to what purpose your story made mention of me and my political affiliation.

Juan de Sosa, New Port Richey

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