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Obama's budget marches in the wrong direction

Bold new budget direction | Feb. 29, editorial

Budget marches in wrong direction

Is this the change America voted for? I don't know about you, but $13 a week will not subsidize the losses in my property values or 401(k) account. Obama's plans seem to be concentrating on the 10 percent unemployed and the 20 percent who don't have money in the market. How about the rest of us?

Every time he is on TV, the stock market falls another 100 points. Yet America is okay with his "Robin Hood" mentality. Has anyone ever been employed by a poor person? He is penalizing the hard-working, fiscally responsible people and rewarding the losers. The only ones who will benefit from this new budget are unions.

Wake up, America, and smell the coffee! We can make an immediate impact by getting rid of mark to market (rules that force banks to write down the value of declining assets to reflect their true market value) and lowering the capital gains tax.

The goal should be to get the stock market moving upward again. This will help all Americans. The current path we are on is "insane"!

Mark Hoszko, Palm Harbor

Businesses fled

I see the people who are protesting about President Obama's policies, and I wonder if they have any constructive alternatives? Not tax cuts for the wealthy, I hope.

We have had those for the last eight years and we know how those worked. Big business and the wealthy took the tax cuts and instead of using them to help here in America, they closed factories and shops and sent the jobs to foreign countries.

What good is a tax cut for someone who has lost his or her job? Obama's plans are to create jobs here in America. Let us pray that his plans succeed and that America can once again be strong.

Sandra Johndro, Zephyrhills

Repairing the nation will take some time

President Obama is in earnest about righting our toppled monument to world power, but he cannot, in just a few months, right all the wrongs that took eight years to establish under the direction of the other political party.

Many are now looking to our new president to right this country again and put the ground back under our feet. But those who are expecting him to weave magic should forget that hallucination because it's just not going to happen.

Imploding a building takes a few seconds. Building it up again, brick by brick takes much longer. The same holds true for countries, so let's not panic yet. We'll only make things worse for ourselves.

Anne Marie Jorgensen, St. Petersburg

We'll regret this tax

It totally amazes me that anyone can look at President Obama's plan to increase taxes and fees on oil companies and not realize that we will end up paying. No corporation, be it oil or automotive or anything else, will absorb any cost increase without passing it on to their customers. All this will do is send gas prices back up to $4 per gallon and beyond.

At that point we'll wonder why we didn't drill earlier in our own backyards, but this time, no one will be around to drill it because all of the companies will have stopped exploration. We should be increasing subsidies for domestic exploration so we can lessen our dependence on foreign oil and our new socialist federal government.

Dave Hoyt, Palm Harbor

We need to see deeds that match the words Feb. 27, letter

Confidence in our leaders

This letter reflects the mind-set of the (now) minority party. Throw unsubstantiated garbage against the wall, like "most pork-laden bill in the history of the Republic" to see if anyone falls for it. What pork?

It seems to me that the president and Congress are walking the talk. It also seems as if a good majority of the electorate believes and supports our new president's efforts at turning around the disastrous mess he (we) have inherited.

Even with this mess, I feel so much more comfortable, knowing that there are, finally, people running the ship of state with the needs of the majority of Americans in mind.

David Childress, Palm Harbor

Why so many biker deaths? | Feb. 27, story

Dangerous motorists

Your article begins with three examples of motorcycle deaths where a car turned into the path of the oncoming biker. The Sunday paper relates a fourth such incident. This, according to statistics, is the leading cause of motorcycle deaths, yet a highway patrol spokesman makes a sweeping generalization about motorcyclists driving recklessly.

We have all seen reckless driving by motorcyclists who are often young and seem to think they are indestructible. More common by far is reckless and careless driving by motorists whose sense of indestructibility often comes from the size of their vehicle. Motorists on cell phones are currently the biggest safety hazard on the road simply because their numbers dwarf the numbers of those driving who are chemically impaired.

We all need to put down the phones and drive more carefully but we also need a serious commitment by law enforcement to get dangerous drivers of all kinds off the public roads.

William J. Adams, St. Petersburg

Why so many biker deaths? | Feb. 27, story

The helmet factor

I was amazed to read your recent article regarding the rise in motorcycle deaths in Florida. Not once did you mention that Florida is one of the states that does not require adult riders to wear helmets. Did your writer research how many deaths were due to severe head trauma? The headline question, Why so many biker deaths? could have been answered in two words: No helmets.

It does not take a genius to figure this one out.

Randy Brooks, Spring Hill

Going without to help others | March 1, story

Welcome uplift

The Sunday story featuring the teens at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Town 'N Country "Going without to help others" by Jessica Vander Velde was an excellent, uplifting article. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Haupt, Tampa

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