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Owners should keep dog on leash in Tarpon Springs neighborhood

Re: Dog owners knew the rules and defied them editorial, April 7

Association was doing its duty

Kudos to the writer of this editorial. Too often in these cases, the homeowners association is portrayed as a group of ogres trying to cause trouble for innocent residents.

The fact is, as the article points out, the homeowners association has little or no choice in the matter. The association has a fiduciary responsibility to the members of the association to uphold and enforce the deed restrictions as they appear in the official documents of the association.

The official documents will also, in most cases, provide a means for residents to amend the restrictions if they so desire, but until they are revised they are to be obeyed for the benefit of the majority.

Thanks again to the writer for pointing out that the homeowners association in this case was simply doing its duty.

Barry E. Blood, Clearwater

Re: Dog owners knew the rules and defied them editorial, April 7

Leash the dog, not association rules

Doing your own thing or being a leader can often times be rewarding. However, when it infringes upon the rights of others or can be detrimental, it might be wise to simply avert the action.

When Bob Wirth and his wife, Sandra Blaker, moved into their Tarpon Springs subdivision, they also entered into a contract and in essence were in agreement with the River Watch covenants, which specifically state that "a dog must be kept on a leash at all times when outside." That means the rule applies to all residents.

By walking their black Labrador, Cole, without a leash and deliberately not complying with the rule, both Wirth and Blaker may not only lose their home, but also a great deal of money, which includes fines and legal expenses.

In my opinion, it's not worth all of the aggravation and needless expense. If Wirth and Blaker are so insistent upon keeping their dog off a leash, perhaps they should consider moving to a community with fewer restrictions that allows dogs to walk unleashed.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Find a way to save East Library

I realize Clearwater, along with many other towns, is short of money, but how much will it save by closing our East Library?

Where did the $5.3 million Safety Harbor just spent on its library expansion come from?

How about we pay 10 cents each to take out books and people pay to use the computers?

Please keep our much-needed library open.

Jane Chatterton, Clearwater

New roundabout causes problems

Obviously, whoever decided to install roundabouts (in Clearwater's Cleveland Street/Skycrest area) doesn't live in our neighborhood. I understand that the installation has put men back to work and must agree that it's nice to do that. However, it is a royal pain to drive anywhere.

I suppose it was a move to get more people to drive Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard. Goodness knows, there isn't enough traffic on that road. Or perhaps Drew Street wanted to encourage more retail traffic.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to drive across my lawn in order to enter my property. I tried to back in, with no luck at all, since the traffic that passes my house includes city buses, among other heavy equipment.

Why can't our politicians just leave a neighborhood alone? If speeding was the problem, I could recommend at least one other solution.

Mary Lou Lauster, Clearwater

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Owners should keep dog on leash in Tarpon Springs neighborhood 04/09/09 [Last modified: Thursday, April 9, 2009 6:08pm]
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