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Palin fans show a troubling fervor

On Palin's tour, political divide rings out | Nov. 22, story

Palin fans show troubling fervor

This article should send up a red flag to anyone, regardless of party affiliation, with a reasonable approach to politicians and their followers.

To spend a night outside in 39-degree weather, with your kids in tow, waiting to see someone who probably spent that same night in a luxury hotel says a lot about their infatuation with Sarah Palin.

And the anger expressed is very alarming. One person, speaking of Barack Obama, said, "My goal is to make him a half-term president." But then Sarah Palin was a governor for only about two years, right? And she campaigned during a part of those two years with John McCain.

"We're going to take our country back," said another person. From what? Eight years of tax cuts for the top 5 percent of income earners — during a war? A massive deficit after being in the black? Back to the president who initiated the bailouts to begin with in 2008? A failed "war" in which more than 4,000 American troops died, while we spent about $2 billion a month? Did any of these people get angry about that "out of control" spending?

Yes, President Obama is now at the helm, and we must hold him accountable for his actions and decisions, but to viciously offer subtle threats to "stop him in his tracks" with Congress' help doesn't sound like "United We Stand," does it? It sounds like angry, ignorant, fearful people who idolize a woman who stepped down from being governor to run a "rogue" book tour. And their kids should have been home in bed, not freezing in a bookstore parking lot! Some "family values" these parents have.

Ron Thuemler, Tampa

Keep an eye on her

Disregard the dangers of a demagogue at your own peril. Making fun of her and neglecting to investigate who is behind her only makes her more dangerous.

Don't you remember the 20th century?

Mortimer Brown, Lutz

Credit is a privilege | Nov. 23, letter

Banking excesses need to be con trolled

The letter writer left out a few facts in his defense of the banking industry. Yes, the banks are in business to make a profit, but they also create overdraft situations at the expense of the customer.

I was a victim of one of those situations. I do my banking online and inadvertently placed a decimal point in an incorrect position, creating a check in the amount of thousands instead of tens.

Instead of returning the check for insufficient funds the bank paid it anyway and also 10 checks after that, which created many overdraft charges on my account. Instead of calling me, I only received a postcard 10 days later. Not only was it a big problem for me, but it created many unhappy vendors.

I also had to wait 60 days to get my overpayment back from the vendor. When I queried the bank, they said it was their privilege and in their terms to pay that check whether there were funds to cover it or not. It's just another way to make money at their customers' expense when the whole thing could have been avoided.

Yes, the banks need control!

D. J. Holding, Dover

Credit is a privilege | Nov. 23, letter

Taking advantage

Yes, banks are in business to make money, but it should be a reasonable amount. The letter writer is concerned about the government controlling the amounts they make. Considering that it is these same self-controlled banks that got us into this mess in the first place, control by another source sounds sensible.

In case you haven't noticed, interest rates on credit cards have increased greatly recently, for no other reason than to cover damages sustained by previous mistakes in lending policies and to hurry and make more money before the new laws go into effect.

Robert Petrosky, Spring Hill

We should buy American

President Barack Obama went to the Far East to ask countries there to buy more American-made products.

Why not ask Americans to buy more American- made products? More than 50 percent of cars sold here are from Japan or Korea .

Even though our cars are as good or better, since the latest test results, Americans buy Asian cars by the millions, thus sending thousands of jobs and dollars overseas, and supporting the economies of those countries instead of ours. As the saying goes: "Charity starts at home." It is about time Americans live by that slogan.

On a recent visit to Germany, we noticed very few Asian cars. I guess the Germans have more pride in their own products than American consumers do in theirs.

Walter Radau, Palm Harbor

Different treatment | Nov. 23, letter

It goes both ways

I am a white, retired military veteran. During my 30 years of service throughout the world, I had occasion to be treated unfairly and I am sure that other white people have undergone similar scenarios, but are reluctant to address them.

I have been surrounded by blacks who insisted on "playing the dozens" about my family. I have also been abolished from establishments that did not cater to white patrons. I have been called a "honky" and warned to stay away from neighborhoods because of my race.

The letter writer shouldn't think that he or any other individual has a monopoly on being disrespected and that there was only selected treatment against him because of his particular race.

Victor Bartholomew, Tarpon Springs

Where's the USO?

As is my habit around the holidays, I hunt for the nearest USO to find out what it might need (in terms of food, drinks, stuff) to support the troops as they transit the area during the holiday season. As a 36-year military veteran, I sought the comfort of countless USOs around the world and now that I'm retired, I try to pay that kindness back when I can. So I went to the USO Web page and, to my great dismay, learned that there is no USO at Tampa International Airport and there are none in the area.

Are you kidding me? Tampa is the headquarters for two of our war-fighting commands, and no one at the airport has seen fit to dedicate some space for the troops to relax as they wait for their departing flights? USOs can also provide invaluable advice to military members about local transportation, attractions and the like, and they can help steer a military member suddenly confronted with travel or money difficulties.

We have one of the largest military retirement communities in the country here in Tampa. There have to be hundreds of retirees willing to dedicate some time and effort to supporting a local airport USO. What will it take to get TIA on board?

William Smith, Tampa

Bishop played Communion card Nov. 23, story

Follow the rules

I found your headline to be inappropriate and very insulting to Bishop Thomas Tobin and the millions of practicing Catholics in this country. Respect for life, whether in the womb or without, is a fundamental and inflexible principle of Roman Catholic theology, and those who do not support, protect and abide by this principle are not in a proper state of grace to receive the sacraments of the church.

This even includes the rich and famous, such as Patrick Kennedy and other members of the Kennedy family. In short, Bishop Tobin was simply telling Kennedy to follow the principles of his Roman Catholic faith, and to oppose abortion if he elects to receive Communion, and not "playing the Communion card," as your headline suggests.

Douglas K. deWolfe, Odessa

Remember the reason

In Monday's "On the Radar" column you reported the lighting of "holiday" trees in St. Petersburg and Tampa this week.

I believe they are called "Christmas" trees.

William Seemann, Tampa

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