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Pasco commissioners, say no to Angelo's landfill

Commissioners, say no to landfill

It is encouraging to see that the Pasco County Board of Commissioners is not being led down the garden path by Angelo's Aggregate Materials the same way that is so apparently being done in Tallahassee. There is something very wrong with our system when an entity with a lot of money to spread around state government and lots of money to hire a high-pressure lobbyist at the state capitol can have its way in our county.

The approving agencies already have their draft prepared to approve this landfill. How long have they had it prepared?

As the president of RESORCE Recycling Club, I speak for all of our members when I say that we are opposed to the landfill. If we recycled more, we would not need to send our garbage to a landfill and our present incinerators would be able to handle our trash for many years to come. We at RESORCE are committed to clean water, clean air and the preservation of a clean environment. The proposed landfill is a disaster waiting to happen.

When drinking water is becoming more precious than petroleum, does it make any sense at all to expose the source of drinking water for a major city to the possible contamination of a landfill gone bad? Angelo's and the engineers representing them cannot guarantee that this will not happen. They may minimize the possibility, but they cannot deny it. We have residents of our county to consider, as well, since they drink water from the surrounding area.

Pasco County does not need Angelo's landfill. We should develop this beautiful part of Florida to its full potential, not as a terminal for garbage from anywhere.

We at RESORCE plead with the County Commission to stand up and reject this bid to bring a blight to our county. We applaud you for your efforts to date and encourage you to remain steadfast in the face of the coming battle with the parties of interest.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

Cuts to services can harm us

It still amazes me that the general consensus of people is to cut spending and services in order to help alleviate this current budget crisis in Florida.

It's really easy to say cut the services until they need the very service that is being cut. When your house catches fire and it burns down because it takes too long for the fire truck to arrive, don't complain to anyone but yourself. When a burglar is breaking into your house, don't complain when he steals everything because it takes a deputy too long to get there. When your child has to struggle in school because the classes are two or three times the size they should be, don't say a word. All of it is the fault of the people who push for cuts in these services.

Everyone wants the services to be there when they need them, but don't want to pay for them. Over and over again decisions are being made to ask public services to do more with less. All that does is increase the risk to the well-being of the people and the workers who struggle to protect the people. How about this for an idea: Raise the millage. Our millage is still one of the lowest in the entire state of Florida. A small increase would go a long way. I'm so tired of the people wanting something for nothing.

Neil French, New Port Richey

Of course rates are going back up

Citizens Insurance increasing premiums is no surprise. I have been saying this since the temporary rate freeze went into effect. It was only a matter of time and how much they would increase.

When our lawmakers allowed them to a la carte our insurance policies, dropping sinkhole insurance to lower premiums, everyone thought the problem was fixed now that they had less coverage but a lower premium. Now, Citizens thinks it should be able to raise your rates because, after all, you can now all afford higher premiums since they were cut and frozen for a time.

We were falsely told that if we continued to have no severe storms that there would be less reason to raise rates because the money pool would grow as no storm-related payments went out.

Yes, policyholders of Florida do want choices, but these choices should be affordable, stable companies, and offer appropriate coverage without costing us more then our houses do!

Virginia Stevans, New Port Richey

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