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Pasco commissioners should take lead on sportsplex

Re: Sportsplex

Commissioners should take lead

Pasco Commissioner Ann Hildebrand stated: "It's taken a lot of energy, a lot of horsepower. Do we take a deep breath and regroup? I kind of think that's a good idea" regarding the proposed sports complex. As a Pasco County resident and taxpayer, I have been following the sportsplex project for some time and I question why our elected county officials have allowed this funded project to turn into a public soap opera.

Commissioner Hildebrand states, "It's taken a lot of energy, a lot of horsepower." What am I missing here? This is what all our elected officials are expected and paid to deal with on a daily basis: confront the tough issues, make sound decisions and display their ability to resolve problems in a timely manner.

It's time for the Pasco County Board of Commissioners to bring closure to this proposed project that is funded with tourist tax dollars. Let's not sweep this issue under the rug.

Jim Rizzi, Hudson

Water notice raises eyebrows | May 28 letter

Committed to water quality

We know that providing quality drinking water is our most important job. Florida Governmental Utility Authority monitors the water supply to make certain that it is safe for customers. We understand the concern that can result from a notice about potential water quality issues. But it is important that your readers and our customers know that there is no health risk from drinking water at this time.

The reason for sending notice to customers is because the maximum level for Halo Acetic Acid (HAA5), which is calculated on an annual rolling average, was exceeded. HAA5 is caused when the organics in the water (that are naturally occurring) combine with the chlorine we use to disinfect the water. In this instance, the regulatory level (60 parts per billion) for HAA5 was exceeded for the first time (62 parts per billion).

A potential health risk from HAA5 occurs only after prolonged exposure to high levels. This is based on regulatory standards established at the federal level. We monitor water every day to ensure that it is safe.

The FGUA will employ operational strategies to minimize the impact of HAA5 until such time as a new water treatment plant and the interconnections with Pasco County have been completed. These strategies include:

• Reducing the water age in the distribution system by intensifying flushing. HAA5 concentrations may increase with water age. Increased flushing reduces water age.

• Investigating the feasibility of reducing the chlorine concentration while maintaining safe disinfection of the water supply. Lower chlorine levels may reduce HAA5 formation.

• Considering the feasibility of reducing water production from certain wells that contain higher levels of organic compounds. HAA5 increases with higher concentrations of organic compounds. Reducing withdrawal quantities from certain wells may reduce HAA5 concentration.

Meanwhile, the FGUA is building a new water treatment plant and water interconnections with Pasco County that will utilize different types of chemicals used for disinfection. This will reduce the HAA5 concentrations below the maximum contaminant levels. The plant and interconnections are scheduled for completion in August 2011. Until that time, the FGUA will continue monitoring water quality with great care and in accordance with state regulations. We will notify customers if any regulatory standards are exceeded.

Water utilities are heavily regulated by external agencies including the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The notice, and language in the notice, was required by DEP and unfortunately caused some confusion. And yet, our most important message is that we remain committed to providing safe, affordable, high quality water to our customers.

Anyone with questions or concerns should call our office at (727) 372-0115 or visit

Matthew Rihs, FGUA, community service representative

GOP leaders disgrace party | May 28 letter

Writer's claim on GOP is off base

Success surely must breed contempt, as evidenced by the letter writer's ad hominem attack on the Pasco County Republican Party's executive committee and its leadership.

The recent Reagan Day dinner drew some 650 people. Many Republican elected officials attended, as did U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio, and gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Bill McCollum. Former Gov. Jeb Bush spoke to the receptive audience and drew lots of applause. Oddly enough, neither the letter writer nor Sen. Mike Fasano were among the guests.

This dinner clearly set an attendance record for the Pasco County Republican Party, reflecting the cohesiveness and enthusiasm of its many committee members and proud registered Republicans.

The Pasco party has always been a strong supporter of one of the keystones of our Constitution, the Second Amendment, and its acknowledgement of the right of the people to keep and bear arms which shall not be infringed by our government, and as specifically recognized by the Supreme Court of the U.S. The NRA is the country's foremost defender of this right, and deserves the support of every freedom loving citizen.

Perhaps it is the letter writer who is the New York anti-gun RHINO. He supports the state senator, a Republican, who has backed Charlie Crist, who has quit the Republican Party, and whose value system seems in chaos, and a far cry from the conservatism he once claimed.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

Sheriff praises Arizona law | May 28 article

Support for law is not surprising

Of course the sheriff of Pasco County would praise any law that allowed him to stop brown or dark-skinned folks for no other reason than to interrogate them. He's White.

Bob Dodd, Dade City

Postal Service comes up short

I'm not surprised at the letter about the dissatisfaction with the Postal Service.

Several months ago, I was having a delivery problem. I called the Hudson Postal Service branch about 25 times over a three-day period. Each time the phone was busy. I called the 800 number and was told that someone from the Hudson office would be calling me within 48 hours. I'm still waiting.

Between Christmas and Easter, I sent about 15 packages via Priority Mail (two- to three-day delivery). Most of them took five delivery days.

Perhaps these are the reason that United Parcel Service and FedEx are so successful. Nothing like a competitor sending business your way.

John D'Aluisio,

Retired postmaster, Hudson

County will likely bumble deal

I'm truly anxious to see how long it takes the county to mess up the Connerton deal. As a citizen who, with a friend, owns a large piece of property and has had three contracts on that property in the last six years that all fell through. All blamed the county government for not following through with plans that were all assets to the community.

One company described the county officials as "cumbersome," another said "pompous, that really didn't care." The other was a similar remark.

I've watched them bumble through the sports complex plan, the threat from Sheriff Bob White to move the helicopter or do without it (that was a farce), and numerous other projects.

The city of New Port Richey is no better with the Main Street Landing project, Hacienda and First Baptist Church all sitting empty, reflecting all of downtown even through the boom era.

I have been waiting for something positive to happen for 35 years and now have put my house up for sale and will eventually move from this county.

Brandee Cotroneo, New Port Richey

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