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Pasco County Commissioner Ken Littlefield apologizes

Dubious tactics muddy the democratic process | June 20 editorial

'I made a mistake. I was wrong'

After reading the editorial concerning my actions that affected the democratic process in Pasco, I must agree. The editorial is right in that my inattention to detail, concerning my financial report submitted to the supervisor of elections, is certainly not an attractive attribute for a county commissioner. I made a mistake. I was wrong.

I have learned a big lesson and offer my apologies for the error. I can't promise I will never make another mistake, but I will avow that when I do I will turn it into a teachable moment as I have this one.

Ken Littlefield, Wesley Chapel

Park annexation falls apart | June 19 article

They take but give little back

It doesn't surprise me that state officials withdrew their request on annexing the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park into Port Richey.

Every time this city wants to do anything, someone from somewhere wants to stop us. But Pasco County and the state of Florida sure want money from this city. I wish the city could find a way to keep their hands out of our pockets.

We get taxed by the county and really don't get anything in return. They always take and give very little in return, and when they do there are so many strings attached to it that you could catch a whale with it.

Have any of them heard that it feels better to give than to receive? Well give and keep your hands out of taxpayers' pockets. We do vote. Maybe next time we should vote you all out.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

Stop abusing handicap spots

Having gotten used to the pathetic "I have a handicap sticker, so I can use the handicap space even though I really don't need to" drivers, I pretty much don't react to it anymore. Several times a week I see someone who clearly doesn't need to be parking in the space doing so.

Recently, a guy pulled into the space at Publix and easily got out of the truck and walked into the market. Sure, his passenger, who remained in the vehicle is probably why the truck has a sticker — but he remained in the vehicle. The space is for people who have difficulty getting around and parking way down at the end of a row would make it more difficult for them. That is why there is designated handicap parking.

But here's the best one ever. A guy parked in the handicap space in front of the health club where I work out. (His vehicle is handicap designated.) He got out and walked into the club and proceeded to work out on the treadmill, right next to me, for 15 to 20 minutes. I just wanted to slap the rude, inconsiderate idiot. I would have said something but figured one day my car may get keyed.

Kirk Williams, Hudson

Are you trying to force out teachers?

Hillsborough County teachers hire in at about $34,000 for a 10-month contract with little opportunity to earn extra money for two months.

If they choose the HMO, they get district paid health coverage for themselves. Exactly what amount of money do you consider to be fair for a bachelor's degree that takes four to five years to earn?

Are you trying to run the teachers out of Florida? Do you think we even need teachers in Florida?

Please tell us what salary and benefits you think Florida teachers should receive.

Sue Martinson, Hudson

Pasco County Commissioner Ken Littlefield apologizes 06/22/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 8:42pm]
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