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Pasco County looks silly on beach parking saga

County looks silly on beach parking

The never ending story is also known as the Pasco County pay for parking debacle. It seems that first it was free parking, which became voluntary payment, then it was mandatory, but then it was deemed unenforceable, but now with soon-to-be ordinance changes it will be enforceable. You just can't make this stuff up!

So now, instead of increasing property tax bills by less than a penurious tip at a restaurant to cover park maintenance expenses, we have this ongoing saga. Rube Goldberg, were he alive today, would be so proud of all the machinations the county has engaged in to take a simple thing like free parking and turn it into a waste of time, money, and energy for all involved parties.

It seems that only two of our county commissioners, Jack Mariano and Henry Wilson, have paid any attention at all to the wishes of their constituents on this matter. The rest? Well, one of them recently stated she'd heard no complaints about it. I guess the 3,000 plus petition signatures that Mike Malacos submitted to them months ago is just considered to be white noise.

Regardless, for many in these tough economic times, pay for parking now means less outdoor physical activity for families. And that's a shame. We hear so much about how our youth are becoming more obese, more engaged with couch potato activities and so on, yet how does the county react? They make it even more costly and out of reach for families to get out of the house, go to the park, and enjoy the great out-of-doors.

While Hudson Beach is no award winner, it now even costs just to stop for a few minutes, relieve some stress, and enjoy our great gulf views. Of course, all is not lost; the County Commission has yet to define a mechanism to charge us for the air that we breathe.

Guy Colson, Hudson

Banning sex offenders won't make kids safer | Jan. 30 editorial

New rule reflects residents' values

I felt talked down to by the big city know-it-alls. I wondered, too, if you had (a) like opinion in the past when a company set a zero-tolerance policy: Drug users do not work here. No need to apply.

Our city's ordinance serves as a benchmark, a standard of norms and values in this town for years to come. Your opinion is commentary for the thoughtful. Your pages get discarded. Your words soon ignored or forgotten.

While your words seek to fill a page for profit, the ordinance sets a cornerstone. The difference? We live here. You do not. We set rules for ourselves and thus, what it means to live, work and play here. You just do business here.

Thank you for your opinion. We citizens have the freedom to enact sanctions through those elected to represent us. You, however, can only sit afar and feed your ego at a well-constructed essay.

It reminds me of a bumper sticker — Call 1-800-CFI-CARE.

Louis J. Rinaldi, San Antonio

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Pasco County looks silly on beach parking saga 02/02/11 [Last modified: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 5:04pm]
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