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Pasco County officials ignoring its trash and seniors

Pasco ignoring its trash and seniors

I live next door to a foreclosed home. After complaining about the garbage left in the front yard, on the sides of the house and in the back, no one has helped me. The house is completely stripped. There are no doors and nothing left inside. The grass is very high and all the neighbors complain and no one cares.

When we saw a rat, we called the Health Department but they passed the buck and said to call code enforcement, which I had been doing for two months. So why can't Pasco County get the mortgage company to clean this up?

We are senior citizens, 72-years-old, and my husband has been in and out of the hospital seven times since last year with an infection around his heart. I pay high taxes and no one cares that we have to live this way. But, it is an election year and they expect people to vote for them when they care nothing about us poor seniors.

Shame on the commissioner, too, because he passed the buck. I am ashamed to live in Pasco. Shame on everyone who passed the buck.

Helen Petraroi, Hudson

Fight for the good of Port Richey

The city of Port Richey has been handed a death sentence, and what better way to carry out that sentence than by working from within, eating away at it bit by bit.

Like a terminal cancer appearing at first like a normal cell, growing, metastasizing, snuffing out the life from within. Some accept the diagnosis and prepare for the inevitable, some stay in denial till the very end, and others fight.

I will not accept this death sentence by deception, degradation, neglect, starvation or harassment by elected officials or those promoting them. Why? I like having: Elected officials as my neighbors, regardless of politics; a wave or smile from city workers and job well done; police presence and knowing when something appears amiss; the ability to get to the proper department easily when calling City Hall and speaking to a person, being a name not an account number. I like having City Hall around the corner and face-to-face encounters; code enforcement and enhancement projects. We could be like other neighborhoods close by — overwhelmed with drugs, crime, yards littered with cars, trash and homes in poor repair. I like the city being the focus, not a low priority on the county's list because of little growth and development.

This is not just about lower taxes, but about becoming just another number, a statistic, a faceless entity as we have become in other aspects of our world. We have become out of touch, disenfranchised and complacent. Whether you live in a small block home on a city street available to anyone, or beyond the gates sequestered from outsiders, you are a name, a face, a voice in Port Richey .

Remember why you moved here and what you liked about it. Don't let this city be eaten alive from within. Fight Port Richey, fight for your right to live as a city.

Faith Bevan, Port Richey

Oust those GOP conservatives

Lee Hanson, one of Bill Bunting's closest advisers, and Hugh Townsend have recently written letters trying to assure Pasco Republicans that all is well. What in the world can be wrong?

Is it a midlife crisis or is it because the divide between the rank-and-file Republicans and the ultra-conservatives of very different shades, who control this party, have splintered the party with ideas far to the right of less taxes and government. Our all-Republican legislative delegation must view the fracas caused by their children as being counterproductive.

The Pasco Republican Party is the party Bunting built, not on less taxes and government, but on Second Amendment gun rights advocated by his Second Amendment Club, which promotes guns in every place people don't want them culminating with Bunting's recent push for legislation to allow guns on USF campuses.

Don't think our Legislature would ever approve something so crazy? Pasco businesses didn't think this business-friendly Legislature would ever force them to allow guns in the workplace, but it did!

Remember that old adage that radicals never create their own organization, they simply take over someone else's organization?

Now since it appears the rank and file of the Republican Party understand what has twisted their party from the goal of less government and taxes, it's time to clean house.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Clearly marked exit sign needed

I was driving north on Little Road, a four-lane highway, between Rancho del Rio and River Crossing on July 20. I was in the left-hand lane overtaking a car on my right. Shortly after passing the Rancho del Rio traffic light, I was astonished to see a car, perhaps a Jaguar, coming at me head-on. I was able to slam on my brakes and squeeze a little to my right without hitting the car I was overtaking. The oncoming car veered into the grassy median. We could not have escaped a collision by more than a few inches.

I can only presume the other driver exited from the Publix shopping area and instead of turning to her right, turned left into northbound traffic. I am late reporting this as I wanted to see what warning signs are posted at the Publix exit. I was amazed to find not one sign indicating "right-turn only'' or something equally appropriate. Further, there is a line of small trees in the median opposite the exit that somewhat obscures the view of the southbound lanes. A driver unfamiliar with the area could easily think that turning left was the correct thing to do.

The businesses who use that exit and entrance on Little Road should be made aware of this hazard.

T.S. Syme, New Port Richey

Players find solace in soccer | July 29, article

Wear socks while playing soccer

The article by David Rice on the three soccer players going to California to follow their dreams and play with the best was a good local story. I wish them all luck on the long road to recovery.

The photo of Ben McCart shows him driving around another player in a gym in Hudson during an indoor soccer game. Ben didn't have his shoes tied and he was barefoot. He's looking for at least blisters and possibly a broken foot or ankle. Bill Walton sent his three sons to coach John Wooden for a one-hour lesson on how to put your shoes and socks on.

Every athlete I ever played with wore two pair of socks and took good care of their feet and shoes. You can't play ball with a bad wheel.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Re: Too few scofflaws for city

Writer needs a spelling lesson

You must be kidding! "It's wrong to wine about less fines."

Whoever wrote that headline on the July 27 letter to the editor should return to school for some vastly needed education or make sure they don't get hit by the door as they exit the building.

James A. Somma, New Port Richey

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Pasco County officials ignoring its trash and seniors 07/29/08 [Last modified: Monday, August 4, 2008 3:13pm]
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