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Pasco County should be outraged over attack on 89-year-old woman

These three punks will get caught

I have just finished reading about the reprehensible break-in and sexual assault of an 89-year-old woman by three men in Palm Terrace Gardens. This is a despicable and horrendous act done by three punks. Again, a senior citizen has been violated in her own home.

This is all too reminiscent of the tragedy in 1990 in Regency Park when three punks also invaded a senior's home and violated her and beat up her husband. Because of this incident, a grass roots effort was formed and was successful in getting laws passed in Florida to help and to protect victims of sexual assault. Again, I see the need for an outcry from the community.

I had questions then and I have the same now. Why do these punks think they have the right to break in and assault an elderly woman? This is a woman who cannot defend herself and has been victimized twice in one week. Why is there not an outrage in this community to stop this onslaught of violence? We may get old someday and become vulnerable like this woman and all senior citizens.

The punks are going to get caught and are gong to be prosecuted just like the three who assaulted the woman in 1990. I look forward to reading about their incarceration knowing, hopefully, they will rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

Judi Barrett, Hudson

Developers, politicians prevail but nature loses April 6, editorial

Officials, practice what you preach

I agree with your editorial that our wildlife has lost in the transfer to property to developers of SunWest Harbourtowne. This happens with far too much regularity.

What is also disturbing is the lack of concern by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the politicians about the water shortage. They are asking residents to cut back on their water use while blatantly disregarding how much water a golf course and new residential and commercial development will use.

Swiftmud and the politicians need to practice what they are preaching and show concern for residents and wildlife.

Ann Reid, Spring Hill

Developments harming nature

As a person who grew up in the Hudson area, I have many fond memories that these developers want to destroy. We swam and fished and had bon fires. We did not need any golf courses or man-made entertainment to enjoy it. This project needs to stop now, and not just for the bears, but for a part of the most beautiful areas of the Nature Coast.

The Aripeka area would become extinct and the nature of it would be lost forever and it would not be in the name of progress. This is all about greed. If this project goes through, the use of drinking water would be beyond belief.

The Tampa Bay area landscape in the past five years has turned to ugly, clustered homes on treeless lots. There is a loss of farms, ranches and orange groves. A new generation of residents have no value of or interest in Florida nature, its wetlands and preservation. Florida can't support much more development.

William Oehlecker, New Port Richey

Paying a hefty price to stay April 6, article

Why was woman singled out?

Molly Moorhead wrote an outstanding expose regarding a woman from England being denied a visa by our non-elected bureaucrats at the federal level.

When we have so many illegal aliens in America who go unnoticed and unregulated, we have a person singled out who was not looking for a hand out, but a hand up to continue contributing to America's economy. Thank you for bringing this sorry example to our attention.

Some of these non-elected officials have been entrenched for many decades in our federal bureaucracy. When will we start to stand up and be counted? Where is the silent majority in America?

No wonder we are still painted as the ugly Americans throughout the world.

Matthew T. Hillen, Dade City

We don't need this kind of circus

Who makes the decisions? Well, the people of Pasco County now know who is in charge at the Pasco County School Board, it's Cathi Martin. After missing numerous meetings, announcing that she will not finish her term, resigning, then not resigning and announcing that she is staying. This is the strong decisionmaker that we need.

Board members Kathryn Starkey and Frank Parker, who said the board would have to deal with Martin's absenteeism, have now had a change of heart, as have the other board members. People of Pasco, remember this wishy-washy attitude when asked to vote for these decisionmakers.

This is a perfect example why things don't get done. As far as the School Board turning into a circus, the clowns already have arrived.

Dave Trump, Holiday

No place for partisan politics on this board | April 7, editorial

Martin doesn't know what's best

School Board member Cathi Martin's crime, as I see it, is not having been sick, hospitalized, using her employee insurance, even missing meetings. No, the crime is jerking people around.

Mrs. Martin having asked the Democratic Party committee chair what to do with her life is a sure sign that she really didn't know what is best. The day I will go to and depend on the losing side to tell me what is a winning situation is the day I resign myself from life.

Do Pasco students, young and old, deserve the best representation they can get for $37,000? Yes, as the editorial stated, they do.

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

Swing set surprise | April 7, article

Kudos for swing set donation

Maria Rotella and her sons, what a beautiful article on the front page of your paper to start the day.

Kudos to the employees of Home Depot for donating their time and money to make the boys happy and keep them active all while under the watchful eye of their mother.

It just goes to show that there are still kind, generous people willing to help those in need left in this world.

Thanks for the smile, and best wishes to Ms. Rotella for a speedy recovery.

Dee Morva, Hudson

Let lawmakers know how you feel | April 7, letter

Tax alcohol, gas, not cigarettes

It's not surprising that higher tobacco taxes are now the rage of the left, as evidenced by our newly elected president and Democrat-controlled Congress, who have decided to inflict higher federal taxes on a relatively small and politically weak segment of citizens who use tobacco, a perfectly legal product. Cigarette taxes are regressive, that is, they place the highest burden on low-income people, and are the most unfair of all taxes.

I would propose a better source of health promoting taxation by putting a $10 tax on each bottle of liquor and a $5 tax on each six-pack of beer. Alcohol is a much more prevalent problem in our society, destroying families, creating enormous expenses in health care, causing premature deaths, fatal auto accidents and irrational behavior. We also need higher taxes on gasoline and automobiles, which cause so many fatalities and create so much pollution. A special tax on diabetics and obese people is another idea, and additionally, taxes on sugar products and high fat foods.

The list is endless, but, after all, behavior modification is the goal, isn't it? In a short time, the federal and state coffers would be overflowing, the true goal of dishonest and unfair taxation schemes.

The current movement in Florida for an additional $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes is a political sham as state Sen. Durell Peaden has discovered. The projected revenues from the tobacco tax will be deducted from the state's health care budget, so there will a zero net increase in the health care budget.

I urge Gov. Crist and the state Legislature to see through this sham, say no to political nonsense and stay true to their anti-tax values and common sense.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

Pasco County should be outraged over attack on 89-year-old woman 04/09/09 [Last modified: Thursday, April 9, 2009 6:57pm]
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