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Pasco County sprinkler police need to check watering variances

Sprinkler police fail to check files

I live in one of the many communities in this county where the residents do not have control of the in-ground sprinkler systems that water their lawns. In my community, properties are watered only once a week, However, we have an up-to-date variance on file with Pasco County allowing once-a-week watering of each property, but not necessarily on the day permitted by the last digit of our individual address. Hence, the reason for the variance.

On April 28 I received a certified letter from Code Compliance consisting of a $43 mandatory fine and a July court date for arraignment.

This would have been a fine example of our tax dollars at work had the variance for my development not been in place with the county.

I understand the importance of water conservation in our county. I have live here since 1973 and am still amazed at how our elected officials continue to permit unending development when we cannot support what we already have in more ways than with water. This is a problem that has gone unchecked for decades.

When I see articles printed in the St. Petersburg Times about cutbacks in our library system, etc., I wonder how we can find the money to send a county employee(s) with county vehicle(s) out in the middle of the night with a camera capable of photographing my lawn sprinklers running at 3:45 a.m. How much is this costing us? What is the price of this camera? How much does it cost to process the pictures, the paperwork which is sent on to the clerk's office who then sets a court date and mails out the citations via certified mail at $5.32 each to all of the supposed violators?

We have no money in this county to operate the services we need. The library budgets continue to be cut but yet we have money to waste like this. Would it be asking too much for the county to provide the water police with a list of communities that have a variance on file so all this can be eliminated? I guess it is.

After speaking with the County Attorney's Office, I understand they are inundated with paperwork such as this. And who is paying the bill for it all? You are. Who in the county is going to take responsibility for this waste of my tax dollars?

Charles A. Poppelreiter, Hudson

Library is key to better ourselves

I don't know what I would have done without the library. I was the youngest in my family and everyone was working. I went to the library after school and then checked out books to read at home. My parents were immigrants, and books were not high on the priority list, although we did own a dictionary. In school I relied on the library for reports and all my homework.

In college, I used the library. When my children were little they went to story hour and we checked out many books at the library. My children used the library for their homework; it was just before the age of computers. We had a set of encyclopedias, but they are sometimes outdated by the time they are published.

Today, libraries offer free computer use, books and media. CDs and DVDs are not just for entertainment, but many are for education; for example, how to apply for jobs, learning languages and other skills.

I know that in Pasco County, many families are in the same situation that I was when I was growing up. Our free library system is now cut back, financially. Loss of materials, hours and staff. How sad.

Athena Cone, president, Friends of the Hudson Library

Imprison rest of mortgage crooks

I wonder why mortgage broker Victor Clavizzao of St. Petersburg got five years in federal prison for fake mortgage loans, and all over the country, lots of banks did similar things without any reprisals.

Shouldn't they all get some prison time for the loans they gave? Plus, now we give the millions as a reward to do as they please.

They should have to make those loans at today's prices, which would stop all these foreclosures. Let's be fair. It should be equal justice for all those who did this to trusting people.

Thelma Bemos, Port Richey

Avoid the tax — quit smoking May 3, letter

Not easy to quit but many try

The lack of compassion and understanding regarding addiction is just as appalling as this letter writer's comments. Although, she was right on the money with one point: Thousands of people do quit smoking.

I've done it at least four times this year alone. If we all did what we should do, what a perfect world this would be.

Kathy Drain, Port Richey

140 students to congratulate

I had the opportunity to attend the Excellence in Academics Awards on April 28 at River Ridge High School in Pasco County. Sponsored by the Pasco Education Foundation, this awards ceremony recognizes seniors in Pasco County who have excelled academically.

It was truly a pleasure to watch the young men and women walk across the stage and receive scholarships and awards for excellence. Quite often, these are not the students who receive much attention. They are the ones who study hard, volunteer their time in the community and dream of what they can accomplish in our world. Kudos to the Pasco Education Foundation, their sponsors, and the District School Board of Pasco County for recognizing these outstanding young men and women.

Students walking across the stage: about 140.

Time for the awards show: two hours.

Investment in our future: priceless!

Patricia Hughes, Land O' Lakes

Thank the NRA for 'Gunlandia' | April 24, letter

There are enough gun laws already

I am concerned that letter writer Arthur Hayhoe seems to think the people of Pasco County should only care about his fixation on firearms and rush to his call for action with torches and farm tools like the people in the old Frankenstein movies when the monster was on the loose.

Many more innocent persons are killed while riding bikes, swimming and driving our unsafe roads than from misuse of firearms by unlawful persons.

If the writer would devote more time to other forms of danger to the people of Pasco, our populace would be much safer. We have more than enough gun laws and need to enforce the people laws we have.

Tommy Good, Port Richey

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