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Pasco court bureaucracy doesn't exactly encourage best jury pool numbers

Encouraging civic duty worthy of free bus rides | Feb. 11 editorial

Bureaucracy needs a map

Offering free bus rides is a laudable means of improving the 30 percent summoning yield for those called to serve on circuit and county court juries in Pasco County.

It might be equally advisable for the county to look at summons frequency and a map.

I received a summons to appear this year, and I will respond. As I did in 2009. As I did in 2008. It is unclear to me exactly how the potential jury pool is so constricted that I could be called three years in a row.

Even though I was not selected for duty in prior years, just being summoned annually is suspect. Especially when my non-scientific poll of neighbors and friends showed none has ever been called among the 50 or so I have queried in recent months.

I don't mind being summoned to the chambers in New Port Richey, since I live along State Road 54 near the Suncoast Parkway. I do, however, wish county officials would consult a map: This year, I am summoned to Dade City.

I guess public transportation at taxpayer expense is in order, when the county quadruples the distance I must cover to perform a public service.

Makes me wonder if the judicial bureaucracy is requiring residents of Zephyrhills to drive past the Dade City courthouse en route to New Port Richey.

James B. Flateau, Land O'Lakes

Tea Party serves up a tepid revolution | Feb. 11 Michelle Miller column

Serve up Pasco issues instead

I recently subscribed to the St. Petersburg Times. The Pasco Times section on Feb. 11 had six pages, half of which was advertising.

Why do we need to have that limited space taken up by yet another article about Sarah Palin? Do not the editors or Michelle Miller have anything to contribute about issues concerning Pasco County? I want to see well-written articles about issues that affect our residents, not a political diatribe.

If you want to write about politics, at least write about Pasco politics. Or don't you know anything about them?

Richard Golden, San Antonio

Online bill fee no stamp of approval

It appears that the Withlacoohee River Electric Cooperative has trained its communication staff in government speak.

In opening my monthly statement, I learned that, at long last, I can now view my bill online. I assumed that this innovation would also allow me to pay my bill online as I do with our insurance, water/sewer, telephone, credit cards and numerous retail accounts, and I was right to a point.

When I clicked on "Pay Your Bill Online," I was diverted to another Internet site that is apparently a vendor retained by WREC.

This Web site would allow me to pay the WREC bill by credit/debit card but, and here comes government speak: "There is a $5 convenience fee to process a payment over the Internet." Who is being convenient — the vendor who gets the fee? Or is it split with WREC for additional revenue and fewer envelope openings and check deposits?

Come now, WREC, why on Earth would anyone pay your bill with a $5 convenience fee when a 44-cent stamp will accomplish the same result?

If your computer folks can't figure out how to do it on your own Web site and have to hire an outside vendor to do it with a convenience fee, why even bother?

Robert B. Ryan, Bayonet Point

Re: U.S. 19 businesses

Show supporters appreciation, too

I do my best to go to a locally owned business every week. I recently bought a Dine-A-Mate coupon book from the Suncoast News. We went to a locally owned business on U.S. 19 that had a buy-one, get-one coupon with a requirement to buy a drink or appetizer. We all ordered soft drinks and placed our order.

Unfortunately, the owner of this restaurant — not bar — told us our soft drinks were unacceptable and that we would need to buy alcoholic beverages.

We told her we don't drink and drive, but she did not care. There were no other customers in this place. So we told her we were leaving as she apparently does not want our business.

I am sorry to say but this business needs to close its doors. We have told all our family and friends not to go there anymore. I was truly shocked as I thought all businesses were hurting for any paying customers they can attract.

I do agree to try to go to locally owned businesses, but you need to make sure they appreciate you being a customer and honor coupons brought to their restaurants.

Sheryl Beaubien, Hudson

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Pasco court bureaucracy doesn't exactly encourage best jury pool numbers 02/13/10 [Last modified: Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:30am]
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