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Pasco deputies deserve a show of support

Deputies deserve a show of support

It is very disheartening when politicians believe they themselves are above the law and can circumvent any situation through a phone call to a fellow politician or a comment of "Don't you know who I am?"

An overwhelming majority of times police are called into a situation, such as this one. The deputy does not have the luxury to close his eyes and walk away but to resolve the matter by applying the law based upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

The sheriff should be one of the first in showing support of his deputies during this highly publicized situation. A fellow politician is certainly in the wrong with his character assassination of the officers involved. It doesn't take much to read the statements of bystanders, admissions of those involved and the deputies' reports to show the arresting deputy did what was required by the law.

Sheriff Judd of Polk County would be the first one in the media supporting his deputies and supervisors for a good job under these situations and more importantly following the laws concerning domestic violence.

Pasco citizens should be proud to have such law enforcement officers protecting them and their loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support your protectors and every chance you get, thank a deputy/officer for what they do.

Gary Kling, New Port Richey

Mayor's behavior is unacceptable

Basically what we have is the mayor of New Port Richey, Scott McPherson, going with his wife to a bar. They are obviously drinking, a sheriff's deputy stops in the bar on his routine rounds of the area. Now here is where we go off the tracks of reasonable behavior for a public servant.

The good mayor starts mouthing off about the officer's presence and his wife tries to quiet him down by slapping him. The deputy witnesses a battery and arrests the wife. Mayor calls 911 demanding to speak to Pasco County Sheriff Bob White, a personal friend. He then accuses the deputy of sexually harassing his wife, and demanding the deputy be taken off the street, as he feared his wife was being sexually assaulted as they spoke.

Then he issues a general apology and says he will "regain the voters' confidence" by the end of his term.

This power-hungry person needs to go! Drinking or not, he represents my city. If he is too ego-driven to resign, then the City Council should act, a special election held and this Charlie Rangel-waiting-to-happen should be replaced.

Let's act like we care about our local government officials and the way they conduct themselves.

Mark W. Harteis, New Port Richey

Where is money owed to schools?

Well, here we go again. Once again our local School Board wants to raise our taxes because school funding has declined, and they need it for critical operating needs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Florida Lottery was created in part to support school funding. Billions of dollars have been made from the lottery, so where's the money to support the schools?

The Penny for Pasco tax was, also in part, supposed to help school funding.

Every time I turn around, there is a new idea coming from these elected officials, to help the school system, and it always involves paying higher taxes. I totally agree with board member Kathyrn Starkey saying, "The answer to district funding should come from Tallahassee".

Wake up, folks. Someone is getting their coffers full of money, but it's not the school system.

Daniel Evans, Port Richey

Kathryn Starkey's no vote on Pasco County tax increase is selfish | July 22 editorial

Politician showed strength by vote

Kathryn Starkey has been a longtime supporter of lower taxes. She is aware of the current state of the economy making things much worse for many in our neighborhoods who are trying to keep their homes. That you could call her "selfish" and "irresponsible" for not supporting additional property taxes is incomprehensible.

You call it "political cowardice" and I call it strength to stand up for what she believes in and protect the citizens of Pasco County from tax increases.

Brian Wolfe, New Port Richey

More to consider than just tax votes

Past behavior predicts future behavior. Behavior is louder than words. I guess this premise drives my analysis of possible candidates and voting patterns and leaves little room for sound bites in campaign speeches.

I am all too aware of the rumblings of my fellow Pasco friends — taxes. I understand the need to keep taxes low. I live in our county on the west side of U.S. 19 and therefore, pay much in the way of taxes and insurance.

However, we must keep in mind that the Pasco County School Board members make day-to-day decisions about teachers' and students' lives that will have a long-lasting impact on each individual in Pasco County. The election of a School Board member is much bigger than property taxes — that is potentially only one decision that he/she will make in a four-year term.

We need to critically examine candidates based on their expertise and motivation as well as the macro system issues. I assume that the media is doing due diligence in reporting all aspects of the candidates' background, qualifications and expertise to help voters identify the most highly qualified candidates.

Vicki Papaemanuel, Hudson

Cuts not fair to special needs kids

Why is it every time jobs are cut in schools it hits the special needs classes first? Do people actually think these children are not in need of education? These children need more help in learning than kids who want to disrupt classrooms or bully others.

The special needs classes need their aides and nurses. Their lives have already been discriminated against by the outside world. Why touch the only place besides home they feel is safe? They deserve an education just like anybody else.

Jamie Van Beek, Holiday

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