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Pasco doesn't need irrelevant gun law

Hearing on gun shows is prudent first step | Jan. 24 editorial

1994 gun survey not relevant today

There cannot be a fair and prudent hearing before the Pasco County commissioners regarding background checks at gun shows unless the anti-gun rhetoric and misrepresentations expressed in this editorial are corrected.

The assertion that 40 percent of national gun sales are absent background checks is dubious at best. That figure is based on a survey of only 251 people done in 1994, the same year the Brady Law, which required background checks by federally licensed firearms dealers, went into effect. The questions and answers were ambiguous, and inconclusive. The results were 35.7 of respondents who did not acquire their firearms from a licensed dealer, while the margin of error would allow for a range of 30 to 40 percent.

A small and questionable survey done almost 20 years ago is hardly one applicable to today. Even Vice President Biden acknowledged that the 40 percent figure is one "we can't say with absolute certainty" that it is correct.

The editorial leads one to believe that the questionable 40 percent is entirely made up of gun shows or across the Internet. That is pure speculation, as there are many legitimate private sales between individuals, all legal, and between law abiding parties. Many legal sales are made over the Internet between licensed dealers and individuals who must pass a background check, and interstate sales are referred to licensed dealers in the buyer's state who complete the transaction.

The tragic shootings at Newtown are being irrationally exploited by anti-gun advocates in order to stir up anti-gun emotions and encourage more irrelevant gun control laws, continuing to incrementally infringe on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

Patrol dog's death leaves deputy with empty feeling Jan. 24 letter

Condolences on loss of special dog

I saw first the great photo of a deputy with his two patrol dogs and read on to find out just how special Lee was. He reminded me of a dog I had when I was young. She was part German shepherd and once took on two bigger dogs trying to attack me.

I am glad I read the article even though I knew that it would make me cry.

Lee seemed to be one of those very special dogs and I hope Deputy Robert Wilkins and his family will soon get over the loss of Lee.

Holly Haley, New Port Richey

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Pasco doesn't need irrelevant gun law 01/26/13 [Last modified: Saturday, January 26, 2013 1:05pm]
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