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Pasco GOP chairman clarifies endorsement policy

Good memory is not forte of Pasco's top GOP panel C.T. Bowen column, May 21

GOP chairman clarifies policy

Under my watch as chairman, the Pasco Republican Party endorsed Heather Fiorentino for superintendent of schools, and we won, even though C.T. Bowen and his editorial staff recommended her Republican opponent who was supported by the liberal teachers union. In very limited situations, an endorsement is appropriate, such as so many members thought in this case. Heather Fiorentino has proved to be an outstanding superintendent and was re-elected to her position.

In order for a county Republican Executive Committee to endorse, we had to have two-thirds of the vote present and it had to be a majority of the full committee. This is much different from the three out of three votes at the state level necessary for endorsement for the U.S. Senate seat.

All the Pasco Executive Board did in the case of the U.S. Senate race was to say that it did not think a Republican Party endorsement was appropriate in this situation.

Gov. Charlie Crist endorsed me as an individual, which is different from a party endorsement. He endorsed me based on what I've done for the Republican Party, and I certainly knew how to run a truthful and positive campaign.

Bill Bunting, Bayonet Point,

Pasco Republican state committeeman

Students, parents breaking the law

This is to your inaccuracies in the story of undocumented scholars: First of all, they are all here illegally. This is not up for debate. Why should I have to pay taxes to send an illegal alien to our school system? We are in bad enough shape already, let alone having to pay for lawbreakers.

If the parents are illegal, how do they contribute to our IRS tax system with no Social Security number? You stated that Jose immigrated here; that is not true, he broke the law and illegally crossed an international border. I would think that some deserving American citizens would like to have those jobs that are taken by his parents, who are breaking the law.

I am a college student and I feel that American citizens deserve these academic grants, not someone who is breaking the law. And as for the 360,000 other students, I would recommend that they go back to their home country and wait in line like everyone else. How did Jose attend a public high school with no records? The school system should be investigated for aiding crime. Where are our law enforcement officers? A crime is being committed and no action has been taken.

We as American citizens need to wake up and pass laws that will stem the flow of illegal persons. In this tough economic time, we can tighten the belt and spend only on legal immigrants, not someone who did not follow the proper procedures to enter our country. I am not a racist, just a concerned American citizen who is fed up with the millions of illegal lawbreakers in my country.

Todd M. Kroucik, Holiday

Time to deport, arrest if illegal

The current economic and social program train wreck that is destroying this country should be forefront, not a ploy to generate sympathy for an illegal immigrant, be it a child or adult. Why not address and try to offer assistance to legal residents in this county and country who are trying to survive the growing unemployment rate, declining home sales, health care crisis, mortgage defaults, property tax increases, homeowners insurance increases, etc.? I will not even get into the problems with Social Security and other social programs intended for citizens of this country, not illegal immigrants. If I am wrong, please enlighten me.

If it is indeed a known fact that this young man, his parents and possibly his uncle are undocumented (illegal), why haven't they been deported? Where are our local law enforcement as well as INS?

Why haven't the owners of the restaurant and the chicken farm been arrested/fined for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants?

These two questions are the basis to this country's problem with illegal immigrants. If we enforced our existing immigration laws, we wouldn't be discussing it today.

Lee Russell, Spring Hill

Re: Warrick Dunn

Give needy help with their homes

So here we are in a recession, people out of work, houses lying vacant. Yet I open the paper and read about a sports star handing a new house to what I am sure is a very nice family. This seems very admirable. However, in these times, why not buy and restore an already vacated home? If a person already has nothing, then something is better.

Or here's a really great idea. Why don't all the people who make big bucks adopt a needy family to help? Fix up their homes, replace roofs, windows, etc. Make these homes safe. I would help if I were rich or in a position to do so. However, I'm one of those poor people who honestly needs help at this time; low Social Security, bills falling behind, an old home in dire need of repair, no insurance on home as I'm hardly able to survive now. I'm just praying we don't get a bad hurricane as my home would probably blow away.

I try to find a job, but too many others are also looking. This may not be Kansas and my dog's name is Bella, but whatever may happen, there is no place like home.

Dorothy R. Rockwell, Spring Hill

Alarm companies seek out victims

The alarm companies most often solicit their customers from crime statistics published in the newspapers. They contact the victims, inform them that they can have intrusion protection by installing the equipment and paying a monthly fee and that the police or deputies will respond quickly to their alarm and take proper action.

What is the cost to the alarm companies? Zero

The Milwaukee Police Department will not respond to burglar alarms, unless an alarm company responds to the scene to verify the cause of the alarm. This places the responsibility on the alarm company.

As a retired Milwaukee Police Department deputy inspector, I know Milwaukee had about 100 burglar alarms a day with 99 percent being false alarms. A proper response coverage to an alarm would call for at least two squads to properly cover the scene.

Van E. Vergetis, Holiday

Why not hike alcohol taxes?

I can't believe that Gov. Charlie Crist wants to add a dollar per pack to the cigarette tax. Instead, if he wants more tax money, why doesn't he put a heavy tax on alcohol? Alcohol causes drunken drivers to kill innocent people. Cigarettes do not kill other people.

Healthwise, I would prefer to smoke than drink.

Lillian Litera, Spring Hill

Pasco GOP chairman clarifies endorsement policy 05/27/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 5:45pm]
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