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Pasco GOP leaders' conduct besmirches the party

Leaders' conduct besmirches GOP

I am a 73-year-old retired corporate officer (Fortune 500) and small-business owner (200 employees), and, up until recently, have been extremely proud of identifying with the Republican Party, the party of my parents and grandparents of many generations.

The conduct regarding GOP loyalty oaths vs. good governance is despicable. As I read the many comments in the St. Petersburg Times by the GOP Pasco leadership, the words "just like Nazi Germany" seem to describe the conduct well.

The Pasco County GOP Executive Committee no longer reflects the values of the average American Republican. I am ashamed of you and your conduct. In the next general election, I will vote against every one of your endorsements or candidates you support. For the first time, I will be voting for many Democrats — how is that for party loyalty? I did not sign a loyalty oath, so I guess I can vote for those who reflect true American democratic values and not party policy.

Sen. Mike Fasano has always been an honest, hardworking politician who reflects the values of his constituents. He has gone to bat for customers of Aloha Water; small-business men and women in trouble with the local red-tape bureaucrats; and those looking for responsive local government.

What comes around turns around. In time, we will rid ourselves of the very people who back party loyalty over people needs. Your day of reckoning will be the next general election when people like myself will endeavor to vote out people like you.

Howard Smith, Trinity

Florida needs an income tax

The most recent cuts from our governor, with his mighty veto pen, washed away many needed projects; the most important, in my opinion, was the polytechnic and pharmacy school. We are falling behind the rest of the world alarmingly fast.

The students there would generate income for Florida and the Lakeland area, not to mention jobs.

We, as Florida residents, must increase the tough calls now. We already look like second-class citizens to the rest of the country. For this state to get back on its feet, it's time for an income tax, which many states have.

Also, a flat sales tax on all purchased goods, excluding food. I know the seniors will be up in arms but we can't constantly be in the red. We are at the crossroad of a financial breakdown in the state. We must enact these taxes now. We must rejuvenate our state to its former beauty, and greatness sometimes comes with a little pain.

Do it now or our state and our future will continue its downward slide. Gov. Charlie Crist is quick with his veto pen; now will he take the hard action to save his state?

Joseph Kuhn, New Port Richey

Re: Crackdown on parking abuse

Handicap spaces often full of carts

Another problem with the handicap spaces is caused by thoughtless persons leaving shopping carts in the handicapped spot.

How can it be used when full of carts?

Tommy Good, Port Richey

Water notice raises eyebrows | May 28 letter

Response to water issue outstanding

The FGUA water utility recently informed its Seven Springs service area customers about a water quality problem — a minor violation of the EPA's Halo Acetic Acid (HAA5) drinking water standard.

As an FGUA water customer, I observe that there is greater customer concern than warranted. Yes, the rolling annual average level of the HAA5 contaminant (62 parts per billion) exceeded the EPA standard (60 parts per billion). That's two parts per billion (about 3.3%), not a huge violation.

Such a small amount of excess contaminant during the past quarter hardly warrants great concern. There is no current health risk.

We are fortunate that the FGUA discovered the problem, promptly informed its customers, and immediately took actions to reduce the contaminant.

Now that's what I call outstanding response.

Since FGUA's purchase of Aloha Utilities in February 2009, its staff has met monthly with a committee of customers to keep them fully aware of all aspects of FGUA activities. We are indeed very fortunate to have these dedicated, informed, and hardworking professionals who are operating our utility. The water quality has improved, and their customer support has been outstanding.

I am very appreciative of the FGUA and US Water team efforts to continue the major system upgrades that are necessary to greatly improve the water.

Upon completion of the upgrades, we customers will gladly celebrate the arrival of the excellent water quality we deserve after many years of poor water quality from the previous supplier.

John Andrews, Trinity

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