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Pasco letters: A green lawn isn't worth the waste

A green lawn isn't worth the waste

I live in the Beacon Woods subdivision. It would seem the Beacon Woods Civic Association is unaware of a water shortage. Our recent Woodsman magazine bragged about how many lawn violations had been handed out. These are for not having "beautiful green lawns."

Likewise, the person in charge of enforcing deed restrictions went on to add, that "many people, are unaware of the deed restrictions" because they use plugs or grass seed. Only sod is allowed. Does he realize how much water is wasted every time someone resods a lawn?

They have said many people manage to have beautiful lush lawns despite the water shortage. Well perhaps if the county would extend the water policing to night time, they would find out why. Many of these homeowners have their lawn sprinklers turned on every night, not just once a week. I guess they assume they will not be caught.

I understand the need to keep your lawn looking nice, but having to keep it lush and green is not reality during our current water situation.

Ken Sturmer, Bayonet Point

Big scare helps small farm grow | March 31 article

Rabbits may help feed the world

We are sorry if the article upset some people. Rabbit meat is the food base for most of Europe. If you eat cows, pigs and other animals, it is reasonable to eat rabbit as well.

We'd like to share some information that may help them feel better about the use of rabbits for food. This information was gleaned from a presentation done by the president of American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Thank God we in the U.S. and have a bounty of fine foods to pick from. We can eat anything we so choose. The need for meat is confirmed by the United Nations projects to increase rabbit production all over the world. Rabbit is a meat that can be grown with feeds that do not compete for human food. Without heavy increases of rabbit production, the world may not be able to feed itself in just a few short years. Human populations will increase to the point of more demand for foods than the ability to produce. Rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man. A person can eat all they want and not get fat.

A buck and three breeding does will produce as much meat in a year as a cow. It takes 2 acres of land to grow a cow, yet hundreds of rabbits can be housed in one large barn. Rabbits will produce 6 pounds of meat on the same amount of feed that it takes to produce 1 pound of beef. Rabbits also can produce 6 pounds of meat with the same amount of clean water needed to produce

1 pound of beef.

Mike and Dee Blaha

Rabbits, Etc., Best Buy Worms

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