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Pasco letters: Accident plan will keep visitors away

Accident plan will keep visitors away

According to a story printed March 12 in the Times, the small, (literally and figuratively) city of Port Richey has decided to impose a new fee for at-fault accidents within its borders by nonresidents. This fee is an embarra ssing and appalling means of gaining additional revenue by penalizing those who patronize businesses within the city.

Even more appalling is the outsourcing of this travesty to the only bidder, Cost Recovery Corporation of Dayton. No official in Port Richey could tell me how much manpower or how many police vehicles are available to the city of Port Richey. I believe that is the job of law enforcement to conduct investigations at accident scenes and ticket, if necessary. It is the job of the judicial system to determine who is at fault (if, in fact, there is a dispute) and it is the job of the insurance companies to determine who is at fault, not an independent hired gun.

No one in City Hall could tell me how much Cost Recovery Corporation received and how much Port Richey receives. To invest the accidents fees into any project Port Richey deems viable on the backs of nonresidents is an underhanded way of raising revenues. I can only hope people will not patronize businesses within your city for fear of being hijacked by an accident in your city.

What goes around comes around. Good luck in your underhanded revenue scam. Hopefully, your police department will find other duties to perform so that they do not have to respond to accidents in the name of revenue. Best of luck to Cost Recovery Corporation for finding an unethical means of increasing its own profits, as well.

I am a proud, unincorporated Pasco County resident.

Joseph Fortune, Port Richey

His good deed illegal, deputy says | March 19, story

Punishment for good deed unfair

Something is quite wrong when a person stops to prevent what could have been a major accident and two deputies passed by and did not help. But, when Mr. dos Santos' truck was rear-ended (his hazard lights were on) the deputies did a U-turn and gave him a ticket.

No "thank you'' for his good deed, just a "sorry Charlie,'' you have to pay dearly for being a good citizen.

I do not know Mr. dos Santos, but living in Gulf Trace, I do know U.S. 19.

Lyliane Y. Adge, Holiday

Attending forum shows respect

So the Times story and editorial on candidate Jim Shive and the Dade City Police who ticketed him shows Shive, figuratively speaking, "thumbing his nose" at the cops. I've found our local police to be extremely careful about "going by the book," and I don't think arguing with an officer ever to be wise or prudent.

But what bothers me far more is the way Shive and perhaps candidate Robert Avila as well, may plan to thumb their noses at the people, especially those of us who are faced with the hard choices we have to make on April 8.

If the two of them do not attend the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum Monday evening, this shows a lack of humility and respect for the voting public, which is entitled to witness the candidates' composure or complete lack of it in a question-and-answer setting.

I know the memorial service for Shive's mother is the same day. I have been told, "Shame on you," for suggesting he attend the forum in the evening. I responded, "I would ask myself 'what would my mother want me to do?' "

Avila and Shive, if they are sincere about serving the public, should show the humility and the respect that being our servants would require, by appearing at the candidate forum. They should make themselves and their reasons for running for office available to us all so that we can make our choices, not based on just articles in the paper, but on our perceptions of them in person.

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

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