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Pasco letters: Bicyclists, don't be road hogs

Bicyclists, don't be road hogs

"Share the road" is the slogan the bicycle riders want everyone to learn and abide by. The biggest problem with that is they need to do the same!

I have had it with the arrogant attitude of most of the ones that ride the hills between Dade City and Brooksville. Some of them ride in large groups three to four cyclists wide and block the lanes. We ride motorcycles in that area, not sport bikes but cruisers, just to enjoy the scenery and rolling hills. When coming upon them, we move to the left in a single file and go around, when we can. Lately, they have been riding three to four wide, blocking the lane on these double yellow line, no-passing areas. They turn and laugh because they have it blocked and we can't go around. What this will cause is someone getting hurt!

Can someone tell me why the motorized vehicle no longer has any rights? I am done being polite and courteous with the ones that act that way. The rest of them will get the respect that they offer up.

Eddie Jenkins, Land O'Lakes

Group will push for neutering law

I went to Mitchell High School to meet with Donna Fulton, an art teacher and an animal rights advocate like myself. We spent her lunchtime together discussing the widely used practice of euthanasia to control the unwanted pet population and our desire to get a law passed in the state of Florida that would make spaying and neutering pets mandatory.

Donna would like to name the law Sam's Bill in honor of a black lab mix puppy that was euthanized when his owners relinquished him to a shelter because he was too playful. The shelter opted to euthanize Sam due to overcrowding and because Sam was a black-colored dog and most people usually adopt lighter-colored animals for pets.

The main reason pets are euthanized is to make room for other unwanted pets and the main reason that there are other unwanted pets is because most pet owners do not spay or neuter their pets. There are more than 1-million unwanted pets born each year and euthanized within their first year of life, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

This heartless practice of controlling unwanted pets could significantly change if a mandatory spay and neuter bill was passed throughout the state of Florida and then picked up by other states.

Donna and I decided that we would like to create a group or a task force committee of like-minded people known as Animal Liberation and Rights Movement — ALARM for short. The members would help put together a draft of Sam's Bill and then help to get it presented into the House of Representatives or the Senate.

If you are interested in participating, e-mail me at maleka

[email protected] or call (727) 277-2349 for information.

Maleka Sharay,

New Port Richey

Architect engineers his success | March 16, article

Bekesh is vital to nonprofit causes

We would like to respond to the wonderful article about a local business leader who is so much more than someone who has presided over a fantastically successful architectural and engineering firm in Holiday.

Rich Bekesh is not simply a bright, ambitious man with the ability to entice a prospect to choose Spring Engineering to design and engineer a site for a future business.

Rich is someone who has learned the true meaning of community and the importance compassion plays, whether it is fighting cancer, providing leadership in area health-care systems, helping a Pasco youth avoid living in the streets or helping a foster child find their forever home.

Rich has been involved in many of the fundraising activities so critical to local nonprofits. Spring Engineering was one of the very first companies to step up to lead the RAP River Run 5K to be held June 14 in Sims Park. This event, with Spring Engineering as lead sponsor, will raise money for RAP House, a runaway and youth crisis shelter that has served Pasco County since 1982.

Rich Bekesh is vice chairman of our governing board and has been a board member since 2000. His investment of time and energy and his leadership and guidance has made a profound difference in changing the lives of people who just needed that helping hand.

We thought it important that Rich be known for more than just his business acumen and success.

This Gulf High graduate is a homegrown talent who has done much to enrich this agency and our entire community.

Richard Balkcom, president, board of directors

George Magrill, president and chief executive officer

Youth and Family Alternatives, New Port Richey

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